john spurlock 2023

Make sure the 'Early Releases' switch is off in your @Dropbox account, otherwise it autoinstall a version that does not even launch!

After turning off, delete app and reinstall from public
lolGoogle Domains shutting down, assets sold to Squarespace
‘Spotify will put a stronger emphasis on providing tools to people who produce podcasts and then on making money from advertising, with a model that has echoes of YouTube.’Parcast and Gimlet Layoffs Reflect a Bigger Spotify Podcast Pivot -
‘OpenAI also used podcasts to develop Whisper, this person said’
hehe merrysky must use aws lambdaMerry
aws is down folks
‘baby's first point’
wthGiant Eagle launches proprietary retail media network | Chain Store
"double-click" Utterly nauseating is right! I cringe for
I'm noticing far more typos this year in #WWDC23 session videos, untypical for Apple
vision pro should have been called vision dev

it's an early prototype device for development - in style, price, release date (post-holidays)
ChatGPT, which new SwiftUI background material will kind of let my kid's face through?twitter photo
I don't see anything new in the iOS 17 now playing view or route selection system UI, bummer
‘Episode artwork is encouraged for creators submitting requests to be featured on Apple Podcasts.’twitter photo
twitter photo
updated file system format 😬twitter photo
and the m1 max macbook pro is completely silent

this will never get oldtwitter photo
‘Posthaven is the blogging platform designed to outlive us.’Posthaven is the safe place for all your posts
‘The top reason was actually an issue with the Android experience. Over 53% said they moved to iPhone because of problems with their Android “it did not serve them, it was aging, needed repair, or had some deficiency that affected their user experience”’Top reason Android users switch to iPhone -
‘they have that SwiftUI look to them’
hehe i may have raised this same question in person over the long weekend, and it came out a bit more annoyed than I would have liked

this hype feels like a new form of product
Internet Archive has the original recording of the Wilhelm Scream (!), and a few takes that led up to itSSE Library: VOICES : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet
Today I learned PC Magazine (which I would very much doubt is still a magazine) has an seo-targeted ‘The Best Podcast Player Apps for 2023’ page...

...listing DoggCatcher at number 2 wtfThe Best Podcast Player Apps for 2023 |
‘if you do anything for 10,000 hours, you should be able to do it perfectly’
‘The audience is a deceptively slippery category of actor, created not simply by the interaction between a consumer and a media object but rather by how the creator of that media object understands the mass of consumers’ interaction with a media object.’The Audience Does Not Exist - by Kevin
twitter photo
‘This should be a wake-up call for public radio. But, sadly, 18 months later, NPR, stations, and other national producers are still basically going it alone and handing over most of their on-demand content to Apple and Spotify to monetize.’It's Official! Welcome to The New York Times Audio
‘On everything from front-page news to cooking and travel, there is a heavy emphasis on bite-size content.’How much impact will the NY Times podcast app have? — amplifi
. @Microsoft: ‘Proud to bring the most advanced technology to every developer using our stack! ❤️🧑‍💻 #MSBuild

also @Microsoft: ‘We can't figure out how to implement "Find" in the VSCode debug console for... [checks notes]... over seven years’Debug Console should support find · Issue #4338 · microsoft/vscode ·
‘Rabbit, where'd you put the keys, girl’ #ModernRock500Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl (US Version) (Official Music Video) -