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‘While digital disruption has certainly affected legacy media companies, including legacy audio companies (read: broadcasters), there is something very important to remember about audio.

Audio is historically very resilient.’ – @ericnuzumThe Rumors of Podcasting’s Death Have Been Greatly
People of GitHub

GitHub - bradfitz/

important bit of social research thanks to @bradfitz, now we need codes like Myers-Briggs
‘productivity is for people that don't have leverage’ – @swyx
AWS (finally!) allows overriding the service endpoint url in their sdk/cliOverride service endpoint URL through configuration files/environment variables · Issue #229 · aws/aws-sdk ·
‘I think the American people are starving for good conversation, and they find enough of it to come back time and again to podcasts.’ – Christopher Lydon (@radioopensource)Special: Happy 20th Birthday,
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But still no Xcode? traffic spike, looks like it was linked to in top comment over on HN Bluesky facing degraded performance due to record high traffic | Hacker

Bluesky facing degraded performance due to record high traffic, so is much faster than the official app right now : )
ok ok ok GitHub is a massive single point of failure, critical, very important, yes - made your point

Let's turn it back on now?
why have a status page @github if it doesn't reflect when it's down? GitHub still all green and been down for a while
github is down?
Just pulled together some stats on podcast user agent share, Android vs Apple vs others, for the roughly 4.75 millionOP3: The Open Podcast Prefix downloads in May 2023.twitter photo
First time I've seen the @TransistorFM fail whale ๐Ÿณ serving feedstwitter photo
๐Ÿ‘€ whoa

‘The Stitcher apps and web listening service will be shutting down on August 29, 2023’
Agree 100% with @manton on thisManton Reece - Let's welcome Meta, not block
so hot today in Dallas it's a bug

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‘It can be in a museum, or it can be modern, but it can't be both’
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‘they should hit record and GO’Millennial pause -
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๐Ÿ‘€ just posted about the effect of the recent @ApplePodcasts user-agent change in iOS 16.4...Apple Podcasts vs AppleCoreMedia downloads, before and after iOS
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