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‘Let, let me out’The Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock -
👋 @CoHost_ your CMS is allowing "seasonal" into the itunes:type tag when producing podcast feeds, which is... not a thing

should be "episodic" or "serial"

example is this show:The Purpose Effect – conversations with women on
feed:<![CDATA[The Purpose Effect]]>feeds.cohostpodcasting.comtwitter photo
‘we are all in some way or another going to reseda
someday to die’Soul Coughing- Screenwriter's Blues -
Just with the ability to search/monitor Bluesky posts by the links they contain.

For example, all posts that link toApple Podcasts -
🏁 WOXY Modern Rock 500 countdown starts tomorrow at 9am Eastern on Inhailer Radio - 40 hours of the best in modern rock and alternative

Check out my historical MR500 playlist archive from 1989 to 2009 to get an idea...john spurlock 2019 : here is every 97x woxy modern rock 500 playlist from 1989 to 2009, bam!
Alright my Twitter stuff is finally starting to break.

What did they do to this place?
‘In a sense, platforms such as Mastodon/Bluesky are taking us back to the late-20th-century days of the web, before Google ruled search and Facebook ruled social. Then, decentralization was the default’Social Media Has Entered Its Chaos Era - The
Maybe @getcallin can use some of that sweet acquisition money to spring for a proper domain name to host their rss feed media files...twitter photo
solid advice: ‘you must not be a turkey’
twitter photo
🚀 just way more useful - when filtering by keywords or language, it'll do a quick historical search over the last few hrs

No more blank results screen to start, basically a quick search of recent posts

e.g. for
‘The beauty of the analog news system was that you had to buy it all at once.’
trailer for The Silo on Apple TV reminded me of the great short story The Machine Stops by E. M. ForsterThe Machine Stops -

Amazingly prescient about the internet/social media effects published in... 1909SILO (2023-) - 4K Official Teaser Trailer"Trust" (4K UHD) -
heads up @TexasStandard: your podcast has been borked since Wednesday

Looks to be the fault of the Backtracks tracking prefix you're using, which has been failing since then - blocking all episode downloads
To me, there is nothing holding back adoption of the podcast namespace chapters and transcripts more than a good proposal/solution for platforms that do "Actually Dynamic Audio".

ie not @buzzsprout rebuilding static episodes every so often, which is not really
‘a bit niffed’
‘How Guardian, Times, Economist, FT and Tortoise became ‘probably most influential’ publishers in podcasting’How podcast investment paid off at five major UK
Another month, another Cloudflare bill forOP3: The Open Podcast Prefix - I break down all of the infra costs here:Costs · OP3: The Open Podcast Prefix

This independent project for the benefit of open podcasting relies on sponsors like you, consider becoming one today!GitHub - skymethod/op3: OP3: The Open Podcast Prefix
about to do my umpteenth Spotify Premium at $3.33/mo deal which I will then immediately cancel

and all I can think about is Lukas Matsson's inflated India numberstwitter photo
Google presenter promotes Spotify for podcast listening in their own tablet demo 🫠twitter photo
google i/o first launch experience in google chrome coming from google dot comtwitter photo
the #GoogleIO twittermoji thing looks like 🤢 hitting the front page of hacker news again this morningtwitter photo
Looks like someone already to hacker news!Firesky – The Bluesky Firehose | Hacker
🚀 Just made and launched a new thing called Firesky


Watch every Bluesky post/reply stream by in real-time, filter the firehose for keywords! Guaranteed to blow up your brain
“The most impressive feat Bluesky has managed isn’t technical, but cultural. It has recreated an older, better era of the internet, one that’s actually fun.”I Regret to Inform You That Bluesky Is Fun |
YouTube Music also includes playback speed control right out of the gatePodcasts appear in YouTube Music - on the webpodnews.nettwitter photo
The Niagara Escarpment chopping the town of Grimsby, Ontario in half (from Wikipedia)twitter photo
This, but all nu chat
Podcasts are a “monumental value transfer from the distributors (the content creators) to the consumer” - Jeff Smulyan on @MattCundill 's Sound Off