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“The tech community has been rallying around finding solutions and improvements to existing technology under the moniker Podcasting 2.0. Unfortunately, we’re still stuck with both positives and negatives of the RSS feed.” – @TeevioWorlds Beyond the RSS Feed — Stephen Hallgren |
New podcast by @haxor Brett Slatkin (co-inventor of WebSub) called “Worst Practices”.

Great name, great concept, great episode length (very short)Podcastindex.orgpodcastindex.orgtwitter photo
Really great interview with Andrew Harrison (@Nndroid) of Podmasters about podcasting:The Podfather: How to build a podcast from scratch, with Andrew Harrison of Podmasters - The Future of Media, Explained - from Press Gazette |

Re: radio vs

“Whatever the numbers, though, the vibes are good. 'It just has it,' @anildash says. 'It has this legacy of 20 yrs of blog-nerd-dads wishing for that internet. It has a real problem to solve, which is: I’m not interested in Twitter anymore for my brand.'”ActivityPub is the next big thing in social networks - The
“When podcasts go into BBC Sounds, people just change their listening behavior”

Cory @doctorow's view on the state of podcasting via the latest @changelog
To hit ~90% of iOS devices, apps need to target the 2021 version (2 releases ago)

To hit ~90% of Android devices, apps need to target the 2017 version (6 releases ago)iOS version usage — iOS Refiosref.comAPI Levels | Android versions, SDK/API levels, version codes, codenames, and cumulative usageapilevels.comtwitter photo
In theory, this means I can start producing standalone denoflare binaries, a long-standing wish:Produce a single `denoflare` binary for each release (via `deno compile`) · Issue #17 · skymethod/denoflare ·
Automated LLM-powered meeting participant that breaks in with "hey guys, you appear to be rabbit-holing - let's get back on track"
The “HBO” is
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Alright, who owns the podcast ?
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How long would it take you to listen to every new podcast episode released last month? 🤔

Over 130 years
Over 4 billion seconds

(based on actual media file duration of the 1.9 million new episodes released in March)
5,332,805 podcasts according to Spotifytwitter photo
And here is an over 50-hour single podcast episode on Podbean

That web player scrubs through the 2.93gb mp3 file with no problemPorfirio Cadena En La Consigna Del Capítulo 1 Al Capítulo Final 150 Final Último capítulo Fue Grabada En El Mes De Abril Del Año De 1982. | Porfirio cadena el ojo de
“NPR stopped production on the seasonal podcasts because they weren’t generating enough revenue to justify their limited production. People I spoke with noted this feedback had never been shared with the editorial teams prior to that moment.”Tensions Flare Inside NPR After Staff Layoffs and Town Halls -
“the concerning rate of progress”
A very kind review ofOP3: The Open Podcast Prefix from a podcast (via an Apple Watch), happy to see more shows from all over the world using it every day.

¡Gracias Jacobo!
“Social media is hardly 7,000 days old”
The listener app mix for the new Thundercast podcastThe Official Thunderbird Podcast Is Here! is so wholesomeThunderCast · OP3: The Open Podcast Prefix Projectop3.devtwitter photo
New sqlite-backed key-value store Deno.Kv api just dropped (unstable in @deno_land 1.32.0)

Have to imagine this is headed to Deno Deploy at some point soon...Deno.Kv | Runtime APIs |
👀 Bringing Whisper and LLaMA to the masses, with Georgi Gerganov (@ggerganov)Bringing Whisper and LLaMA to the masses with Georgi Gerganov (The Changelog #532) |>
Everyone else: unleashing generative AI products, disrupting everything

Amazon Web Services: Postponed our grand launch of adding two fields to a csv filetwitter photo
ThunderCast 👀 (brand new podcast)

An inside look at the making of Mozilla Thunderbird, and community-driven conversations with our friends in the open-source software
“the market doesn't test talent, it tests timing”
twitter photo
👋 @podopolonetwork just tested your app, and you are sending the default (wrong) user-agent for non-auto-downloaded audio playback. This means you aren't getting credit for these plays in stats.

Example fix for all iOS versions:Use the official, working way of setting user-agent in iOS16+ by johnspurlock-skymethod · Pull Request #473 · Automattic/pocket-casts-ios ·
So after four driving days on I-40 through the US southwest and a Vegas hotel with no wifi/mobile signal, I've basically been offline for an entire week.

Did I miss anything interesting?
“I was laughing like a drain”
“Spotify knows an incredible amount of information about their listeners, but that has not helped them. Instead of data-based strategy, we’ve seen a lot of strategy-based data—stretching data to justify rather than understand.”When You Choose to Snicker About Spotify, You Are Missing The Lessons Their Experience Can Teach