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“There’s just a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product”
👇 the one true way

This is why I almost die in every other
“Empowering creators to take control of their content and communities is the key to building a truly transformative and beneficial media ecosystem”

Agree with this statement 💯, though it's a cringeword trifecta: “creators”, “content”, & “communities”Max Cutler on LinkedIn: #audio #podcasting #podcast #future #media #creators #spotify | 48
“If you're liking what you hear on this podcast, please give us five stars on Apple Music or Spotify, and leave a comment or a positive review” – @DKThomp

🤔 Apple Music?? Maybe someday Derek, but not today!twitter photo
👋 @stevemclendon interesting announcements this morning!

Curious about the rss ingestion bit: will you be caching all audio and serving from YT? Or passing through to the podcast hosting company when a listener hits play.

Also: how are you observing rss feeds for updates?
👀 iOS podcast apps still sending the default AppleCoreMedia user-agent for streaming playback:

Apple Podcasts (pre 16.4), Podbean, Castro, Audible, Podcast Republic, Moonbeam, Playapod, Pods, Bullhorn, Luminary, Listen App, Fountain, Podyssey, Radiolineapple-core-media-db - Google
👀 the popular @podbeancom podcast player on iOS appears to utilize the podcast:transcript tag

I observed an underlying fetch to the .srt from the app, and it displays in real-time during playbacktwitter photo
A PWA extravaganza 🎉
So in iOS 16.4 beta 1 (released today, build 20E5212f): For the first time...

Apple Podcasts finally USES the AVURLAssetHTTPUserAgentKey introduced in iOS 16 to set their User-Agent when playing on-demand 🎉

AppleCoreMedia: the end is in sight!What’s new for iOS 16.4 - Apple Podcasts for photo
“Any rational number will result in repeat colors — or overlapping leaves — she seeks ideally the ‘most’ irrational number. She finds it in ϕ. We want to go 1/1.618th of the hue circle each time we need a new color, this will give us the colors we want.”Khanlou | Arbitrary Beautiful
Linode is no more

I wonder what will happen to all of those earnest podcast host-reads. “Akamai cloud computing services” doesn’t have the same vibeA Bold New Approach to the Cloud |
Downloading ...

🌕 🌕 🌕 🌕 🌔 🌑 🌑Metroid Prime Remastered is the best way to experience a classic - The
“The Balloon Gap”
“Simmons wrote Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to argue for keeping the Ringer’s mass audience on Apple and its advertising revenue, driven by the explosion of sports betting.

Simmons won the argument.”How Spotify's podcast bet went wrong |
👀Manifest.permission  |  Android photo
i don't like long tweets
2023 = the year of
So the latest version of the @brave web browser on iOS includes a fix to an issue I reported that caused their Playlist feature to auto-download media files on page load (inflating podcasting stats)

Remarkably quick turnaround & solid QA, very impressed!Brave iOS preloads podcast episodes without user interaction - inflates industry download stats · Issue #6715 · brave/brave-ios · GitHubgithub.comtwitter photo
“Nearly perfect speech recognition has become not just an application but a building block for applications. As soon as this happens, things move very fast.”Whispers of A.I.’s Modular Future | The New
“Ironically, all this is only possible because Spotify hates supporting the indie web and podcast ecosystem so much that it rehosts all the mp3 in order to deny podcasters their analytics. Screw you, and thank you Spotify.” – @swyxHow to Find Podcasts That Have Been
“Mr. Siegfried turned the project in the scrapbooking room into a company that just received more than $87 million from investors and that understands the American landscape arguably better than the government does.”It’s Public Land. But the Public Can’t Reach It. - The New York
Reviewing the top domains for new podcast episodes every month looking for new podcast hosts, I always find some interesting new
New Hammock! 🎧Hammock -"Love in the Void" - Everything Is
Prerequisite: Siri helps rewrite itself to actually workApple Devising Software to Help Anyone Build AR Apps, to Drive Headset Sales — The
One of many interesting things about podcasting is the game theory between listeners and podcasters, whose interests are not aligned

Thanks to Mark for keeping it real in these threads 👉
Cloudflare is on fire right now - butOP3: The Open Podcast Prefix is humming along thus far 🤞Cloudflare Statuscloudflarestatus.comtwitter photo
Just hit over 1608 hostnames banned from the OP3 redirect. If this is you, taking advantage of a free service for SEO reasons, we hate you!twitter photo
“server farm-to-table”
“chief freemium business officer”Spotify Layoffs: Dawn Ostroff to Depart; Six Percent of Staff – The Hollywood