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Another stunning web demo by @ggerganov

• Talk (using your mic)
• Recognized with OpenAI Whisper, in real-time
• Web Speech API voice responds with text generated by GPT-2
• Back & forth

All running completely in the browser (thx to WebAssembly) 🤯Talk - GPT-2 meets Whisper in
😍 New Sony Walkman music players feature stunning good looks, Android 12New Sony Walkman music players feature stunning good looks, Android 12 | Ars Technicaarstechnica.comtwitter photo
Whoa, lightweight Whisper port by @ggerganov optimized for Apple Silicon (cpu) that can run on iOS as well!

cc @NathanG @benjaminbellamyGitHub - ggerganov/whisper.cpp: Port of OpenAI's Whisper model in C/
Could not agree more

Applies to almost many common abstractions like hiding sql or honestly most rote OOP. Cut cut cut and use the full surface area of the underlying layer. Your team and future self will thank you
Just published a deep dive on why podcast hosting stats can differ from third-party analytics stats

(including a case I did not know about prior to @jsonperl over at @TransistorFM giving me a heads up!)A Tale of Two Bytes: Prefix vs Host-based analyticslivewire.iotwitter photo
👀 @brave is not messing aroundWhat does"Copy clean link" mean? – Brave Help Centersupport.brave.comtwitter photo
“Twitter is like going to a café w/ the entire population & you don’t know which one is a fool & who is a professor of medicine. In general, when you go to a real café, you know if you are at the truck stop or at the Deux Magots. Twitter is a mess, a mix”Bitcoin is the Detector of Imbeciles | by Nassim Nicholas Taleb | INCERTO | Jan, 2023 |
Has anyone seen any recent "rewarded trafffic" podcast players appearing in ads inside in-app games like Subway Surfers?

If so, let me know which app! I'm trying to catch one in the actRewarded Traffic: The Inorganic User Engine Driving Ad Campaigns on Major Websites and Podcasts -
I really like this synthesis of the audio-vs-video-in-podcasting debate from @kbconalbyrne

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For anyone keeping an eye on podcast media downloads coming from TikTok/ByteDance, here are the top user-agents OP3 has seen from their IP networks:twitter photo
“One independent podcaster wrote in with an interesting take on what could actually be exciting with respect to video podcasts: ‘My one dream/hope is that we’ll start to see a podcast-like decentralized RSS distribution model for video begin to catch on’”This Could Be a Rough Year for the Podcast
2022 was easier to type
“We’re lucky that some of the systems don’t talk to each other”Cyberattack shutters the Guardian's office for a month |
“and the global village is a place of very arduous interfaces and very abrasive situations”Marshall McLuhan 1977 Interview - Violence as a Quest for Identity -
Using GitHub much more these days after being a long time Bitbucket-er.

And more defaulting to public for speculative projects - why not? : )twitter photo
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Podcast ad game theory continues to evolveAdblock Podcast | Listen to any podcast without adsadblockpodcast.comtwitter photo
Standardizing soon: “Digest Fields specification is an update to the now-ancient `Digest` header field...

HTTP Message Signatures specification enables cryptographic signatures on requests and responses -- something that has widespread ad hoc deployment”The state of HTTP in
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Ok I am all in on passkeys

Getting my hands dirty already - fixed a bug in the example on the (excellent) - info siteFix references to typo'ed `PublicKeyCredential.isConditionalMediation… by johnspurlock · Pull Request #112 · passkeydeveloper/ ·
“In August, the creators of @cleanfeedNET, the online studio for live audio & recording, received the Engineering, Science & Technology Emmy Award for their work in film & television

This award shows how important the web is becoming for audio production”How we’re making music creation easier on the
I've seen @MegaphonePods server issues for going on about 12 hours now - wonder what's happening over
“But in the real world there isn’t just one town square, because there isn’t just one town.”The internet wants to be fragmented - by Noah
Here's something interesting:
• Install desktop Opera browser
• Nav to your podcast rss feed url
• Click "Add to My Sources"
• ...
• Profit! Opera will automatically download _all_ of the feed's episode enclosures, in a flurry of IAB-certified downloads

e.g @Podnews:twitter photo
“Today, we are pleased to announce that passkey support is now available in Chrome Stable M108.”Chromium Blog: Introducing passkeys in