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“The primary problem is that while the answers which ChatGPT produces have a high rate of being incorrect, they typically _look like_ they _might_ be good and the answers are _very_ easy to produce.”Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned - Meta Stack
Me, after spending time with the voice & style of ChatGPT over the last few days, now listening to Blinken back and forth on @FaceTheNation: 🧐🧐🧐
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Just posted a livewire post to graph the new summary statistics from @PodcastindexOrg

Podcast Index Statistics,

There is also a link in the post to the underlying daily stats in case it's helpful to others.
Wherein I was surprised to hear @mattmedeiros and @SamTalksTech discussing yours truly hitting busses 🚍Changing a Show with Sam Sethiaudiencepodcast.fmtwitter photo
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I guess the weird "Rapid Security Response" update means no new iOS 16.2 beta today?Apple releases new ‘Security Response’ update for iOS 16.2
One of the smarter pieces I've read re: Twitter fallout, Mastodon, ActivityPub, etc

Twitter, ActivityPub and The Future -

by @andrewgodwintwitter photo
Among other
Home / is so slow and buggy, you can physically feel the aws underneath
And also: a thing that removes all scripted conversation/news back-and-forth in
Random YT music album recommendation - new release (of apparently an old live performance) by @whoisMGMTMGMT Release 11-11-11 Live Album:

Fantastic!Your browser is deprecated. Please
So not only does every Mastodon user have an RSS feed, but audio files attached to posts (h/t @matt) generate the proper <enclosure> tags. i.e....

...every Mastodon user is _already_ a podcastJohn Spurlock:" Who…" - PodcastIndex
Honestly, limiting my podcast's distribution to a single platform app

I'm learning though, it's easy to fix!
a news service, but no headlines

A serial walker, the only time I've ever been hassled by a cop was in LA.Soon, Jaywalking Will No Longer Be a Crime in California - The New York
“It never hurts to ask - just don't ask me.”
Just learned: Texas used to have a “stovepipe”, included Vail!twitter photo
“Somewhere along the way – and I can’t pinpoint exactly when – we stopped looking at advertising as content. Instead, it became a tool to promote other content.”

– Neil Hedley (@KNOPPStudios)Advertising Fails On This One Mistake - KNOPP
“Our solution runs on our app locally and still streams all audio from the source. Dynamic ads are still played to the listener since the technology we use only detects and re-syncing the transcripts to the audio.”Snipd Rolls Out Innovative Solution to Sync Audio & Transcripts for Episodes with Dynamic Ads | by Snipd | Oct, 2022 |
“You need to flip that around, so that you are framing your promotional ask from a perspective that reflects listener wants and needs.

Too often we place language clues in promos that focus on producer/creator objectives rather than on listeners’ needs”There’s Only One Question You Need to Answer Before Starting a
“anyone running _your_ instance” but
“A passkey on a phone can also be used to sign in on a nearby device. For example, an Android user can now sign in to a passkey-enabled website using Safari on a Mac.”Android Developers Blog: Bringing passkeys to Android &
Ah, it appears iOS supports the Opus audio format after all... the underlying streaming format to/from AirPodsSiriSpy - iOS bug allowed apps to eavesdrop on your conversations with Siri | Rambo
“loitering munitions”
The good folks at @pocketcasts now support Apple's new AVURLAssetHTTPUserAgentKey constant on iOS16+ 🎉 #applecoremediadeathwatch

Should go out in the 7.27 release currently scheduled for Nov 28th

Also a useful reference to show other apps how to do itpocket-casts-ios/PlaybackItem.swift at trunk · Automattic/pocket-casts-ios ·
OP3: The Open Podcast Prefix up 943% 🚀

...thanks to extremely early adopter @TransistorFMtwitter.comtwitter photo
oh twitter has go/ links
Give me $MSFT & $GOOG software margins over the other two every