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šŸ‘‹ @Christian_rson you may want to check this podder link šŸ‘‰
“We're a new global media company”
Doesn't really mean much in 2022, does it?

“We figured out how to website and send emails” šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘
This makes me šŸ˜ about the performance of deploying @Cloudflare Workers withOverview ·

14 seconds ain't badCapture new consensus request attibutes, update privacy policy. · skymethod/op3@a20fc87 ·
Dodgy podcast rss feeds: oh i
“after all of last evening's argy-bargy”
Spotify indexes 5,523,475 podcaststwitter photo
šŸŽ™ I recently had a chat about podcasting and OP3 with @jerodsanto and @adamstac on the @changelog network. Probably the best "why OP3?" discussion to date.

Was great to talk with experienced & thoughtful folks that have been podcasting for a long time!Changelog Master
Hit nearly 600 http 500 error responses on new episodes from @libsyn yesterday, very unusual (usually zero)

Didn't see anything on their status page, but wondering if Libsyn was having some hiccups yesterdaytwitter photo
“google clod”
Ooh, with a tweaked text design. Podcast News with Lemonada Media section looks a bit cramped, but overall I like it @JamesCridland !
šŸš€ Just launched - convert data from any url into JSON

Intended to be used with ECMAScript JSON Module support in šŸ¦• Deno/Node/browsers, e.g. to statically import an immutable yaml file converted to JSON

But it's JSON, so useful from fetch/xhr/anywhere
Podcasting's made it, October 2022 edition: wormed its way into a sitting British PM's conference speech

“They taxi from North London townhouses to the BBC studio to dismiss anyone challenging the status quo. From broadcast to podcast, they peddle the same old answers.”
I love how some of the core interactions in podcasting (fetching feeds over and over, bulk downloading new episodes from many devices all over the world at the same time) can quite rightly be viewed as ddos
"An update on GCP and our future direction..."
“[Spoken word, in the future] will be easy to find, easy to listen to, and easy to share. Every requirement/roadblock you put in between, every mandatory button press, every obstacle, reduces its utility and diminishes its chances for success.”It’s Time To “Ask Eric Anything,” 2022
“The whole way we think about podcast listeners needs a reset. We’ve become so obsessed by big numbers in publishing, from visits to social ‘engagement’. Some of the audience stats touted by publishers in recent years have been, frankly, utter bollocks.”We need to talk about podcast listener
hehe podcast hotline1-844-POD-AT-ME — Tink*
Um, what an enclosure url! Prefixed to the max, 1053 characters, over 1kb!

@PodcastOne, would it be possible to put some validation into your CMS to prevent this kind of thing?twitter photo
About 1 in every 66 new podcast episodes published in September supported chapters! šŸ“–šŸ“–šŸ“–

While still a small percentage, it's up a bunch since February - and usage of the @PodcastindexOrg json-based chapters more than doubled šŸ“ˆStatistics about Podcast Chapterslivewire.iotwitter photo
“The pumpkin spice industry”
“The standards are in a continual state of review” said Eric John, vice president of the media center at the IAB. “We’re trying to ski to where the puck is going ultimately, and we’re going to make standards to match the industry’s needs”

ski to the puck?? playing the wrong
“he's smart as paint”
What additional request info should OP3 capture?

We capture/store almost nothing at the moment. Every additional attribute we store makes the dataset more interesting & useful, but I don't want to violate listeners expectations for a service like this.What additional request attributes should we capture? · Discussion #7 · skymethod/op3 ·
6 million uniques, a month!

I wonder what User Agent these apps send?

Quick: someone using theOP3: The Open Podcast Prefix prefix buy a few listens this way and we can
Meanwhile in Brazil: podcast as mainstream hit

Interview with the reporter via @Monocle24:Brazil’s podcast boom and the launch of ‘Vogue’ Philippines - Monocle 24: The Stack | Podcast on

An English-language news story about the case:Brazilians absorbed by case of missing 'woman of the abandoned house' - La Prensa Latina
šŸšØ Breaking: @podtrac's share of new podcast episodes is taking off

And the likely culprit might surprise you...Podtrac's share of new podcast episodes started taking off in
And yet, the Apple Podcasts app in the final version of iOS 16 released to the public does not utilize this new

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