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🚀 Announcing OP3: the Open Podcast Prefix Project

- Open-source podcast prefix analytics service committed to open data and listener privacy
- Fully open and auditable infrastructure
- Open API for logs (and eventually downloads)

Help out by using it!OP3: The Open Podcast Prefix Projectop3.devtwitter photo
Justin from Transistor (the podcast hosting platform) is doing an AMA today!

Inspiring to watch this company grow from zero, following along behind the scenes with their "Build Your Saas" podcast:Build Your
In addition to my monthly analysis of which podcast episodes use which analytics trackers, I also secretly keep track of this per week.

Last week (starting 9/4) saw Podtrac's share jump to #1, even above Spotify!

@podtrac, any new customers/integrations that would explain this?twitter.comtwitter photo
I like “Gen Zed” much better
Busy 🎙 day yesterday: number of new podcast episodes found on Wednesday, Sept 7 (UTC) broke 70,000 for the first time I can remember

(Wed/Thu are always the days of the week when most episodes drop)
Trying to figure out the color of the sides of the new deep purple iPhone 14 pro - silver? some variation to the back?

Whatever color it is, looks like it has inherited the curse of the pro phone line: destined to be covered in fingerprints 🙁🙁🙁twitter.comtwitter photo
👋 @podsights, did anything ever happen with Open Downloads?GitHub - open-downloads/odl: The Open Downloads
So nice - can't wait to mess around with these interactions in person

otoh every iOS dev now needs one of these to test the blackpill ⚫️💸
Oh superpill - that makes sense! #AppleEvent
Interested to see if Apple can squeeze a launch of its upcoming classical music service into today's #AppleEvent
Still amazed that we were granted one more dense and nostalgic Hum album in 2020, after over 20 yearsYour browser is deprecated. Please
This is fantastic!

To me, this highlights how podcast search should primarily be about finding episodes, not
podcast episode media urls with multiple tracking prefixes know this far too
Interesting to hear @biilmann talk about why @Netlify chose @deno_land for their customer edge runtime

(tldr: the runtime and tools are open source)

@FSJamorg ep 78 @ 38:51Episode 78 - The Jamstack Innovation Fund with Matt Biilmann - FSJam Podcast | Podcast on
“I don’t know the science behind it; I just know that the algorithms push the content far better than the podcast apps”‘It’s the way the industry is going’: how YouTube is transforming podcasting | Podcasting | The
Ran across a recent podcast episode with a .wav file enclosure, standard riff container, but with a Vorbis audio stream inside!

I don't think any player on earth, including browsers, will play
Wavvy – web-based audio editor (Audacity port) 👀👀

by @ahilssWavvy Audio Editorwavvy.apptwitter photo
I did not know vscode shipped with ffmpeg - hmm...Visual Studio Code August 2022code.visualstudio.comtwitter photo
“In Cloudflare, we handle over 35 to 45 million HTTP requests per second, out of which over 500K-800K requests fail per second.” 🫣Log analytics using
"As a Product Lead on Edit Tweet"

That's it folks, shut it all
Just realized AWS releases might make good #stablediffusion prompts

Announcing support for Crawler history in AWS GlueAnnouncing support for Crawler history in AWS photo
Really important point. It would be so nice to have good download/play/listen data available on the top n% of shows, we do not have this today.

Chartable has it, but only for the small slice of shows using them, and now conflicted by the Spotify
hey #stablediffusion, show me a podcast!twitter photo
So you know how people always pronounce @ApplePodcasts Connect "Apple Podcast Connect" ?

I feel like Google is not helpingtwitter photo
Anyone know who owns the podcast episode analytics prefix?

I'm assuming @ART19co, but can't find any official documentation

Used by the @JordanHarbinger show and others
“The themed icons begin devolving into an incongruent blur of bold lines & pastel shades. It's a neat idea if you think an IKEA showroom is the peak of design. For those who prefer to have their phone feel like it's theirs, Material You doesn't deliver”Meet my Android screen of shame, where the ugly app icons
“relieved of credentials”How 1-Time Passcodes Became a Corporate Liability – Krebs on
“Consider what makes podcasts enjoyable: an easy group candor, spontaneity, or a deeply specific subject matter expertise, or a willingness to ask trenchant, uncomfortable questions. Everything an office-holding politician is not incentivized to do.”Wow, Politicians Are Really Bad at Podcasting -
Spotify indexes 5,290,396 podcaststwitter photo