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Oh nice, just noticed my Denoflare project hit 300 ⭐️GitHub - skymethod/denoflare: Develop, test, and deploy Cloudflare Workers with
Deep in podcast ID3-land today... looks like @TWiT shows use something called "Uniblab" to set their embedded episode metadata

Cute!Uniblab (character) | The Jetsons Wiki | Fandomthejetsons.fandom.comtwitter photo
“As Lt. Gov. Jon Husted puts it, the @intel project is so big and lucrative it will create opportunities for people who didn’t see construction jobs in their future: ‘When you’re willing to pay people more to do something, you will find the talent’”Wanted: 7,000 construction workers for Intel chip plants | AP
“The most visited content sites in the world are bulletin boards (Reddit, Hacker News) and personalized feeds (FB, Twitter, Linkedin). They are habit forming destination sites because they have constant novelty.” – @swyxWhat if your Index Page was Smart?
“Jones said that, based on company data, 45 percent of Twitter users are also monthly podcast listeners.”Twitter is becoming a podcast app - The
Interesting approach by @judell - the pull request here is the final product

GH UI as a narrated diff progression seems like it would be useful in a variety of public contexts

You even get keyboard shortcuts for free, nexting through the progressionGitHub for English teachers – Jon
“If a podcast has only about 4,000 listeners, but they always listen and every episode consistently has about 4,000–5,000 listeners, sponsorship partners tend to be very interested. They consider this podcast as a nano influencer in that particular space.”Podcasting in Africa is on the rise. Why is it not profitable yet? |
“Podcasting is a distraction; my current role in the industry is a distraction. This isn’t, hasn’t ever been, the best use of my time, it’s been a way for me to feel useful without taking the risks necessary to be truly useful.”
“I don't like the fact that you have listeners moving off of YouTube to audio (podcasting), maybe we'll have to do something about that...” – Kai Chuk, Podcast Lead at @YouTube

overheard at #podcastmovement
👋 @PodOpsMedia, congrats on launching the new hosting platform

A few rss feed notes:
- the podcast:guid value should be a globally unique value (like a UUID), not a negative integer
- the enclosure type attribute should be the concrete value like "audio/mpeg", not "audio/*"
Every developer writing for the web will learn something from this - good details on cascade layers etc

Loving the new Safari
“Courtesy Email”twitter photo
“‘Listen to next week’s episode for your chance to win $500.’ That seems silly now, but it is coming.” – @ericnuzumPaying Our Listeners: A Smoke Signal of the Apocalypse?
“Of the 90,235 recommended episodes I found:
– 7.98% are Spotify Originals
– 4.14% are Spotify Exclusives
– 1.45% are Spotify Adaptations”
@misenerI made a map of Spotify podcast recommendations. Here's what I learned.wearebumper.comtwitter photo
“I do think most people, even developers, should not handroll their own blogs & should try to use Devto/Hashnode/Substack/Wordpress - most people get so caught up in being PM + Dev for their handrolled blogging software that they never get to the writing.”The Surprisingly High Table Stakes of Modern
Ah, my old friend: adb shell am broadcast -a
Wherein I heard the name “Health Alteration Bureau” for the first time

Couldn't find another reference to it though - closest was “Health Alteration Committee” on WikipediaThe Book
👋 @ListenNotes, do you have an example rss feed that uses your upcoming podcast hosting feature?

The only episodes I see with a listennotes domain use your 302 redirect prefix to other hosts - I think they are all examples of your playlist feature.
Hehe, Apple needed no emergency security patch for stable tvOS

I guess disallowing WebKit on the entire platform was a great idea after alltwitter photo
“computer networkers”BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY; A Free and Simple Computer Link - The New York
Younger me would be all over
It’s tempting to see the subscription model and draw parallels to SaaS businesses, but they really are not similar at all.

The good or service here is so variableStreaming Services Deal With Growing Number of Subscribers Who ‘Watch, Cancel and Go’ -
nothing more absorbing and immersive than “a couple of extra ads per show” thrown into my hashtag
“I have a podcast that gets 10K downloads a day, has a highly engaged fan base, & I get paid nothing for doing it. And even when I try to derive some income from it, it still, in the grand scheme of things, makes nothing.”

A must-read by @tannerhelps 👇Has Audience-Derived Monetization Become a Myth?
Oh cool, looks like @youtubemusic migrated old gmusic playlists, so my WOXY Modern Rock 500 playlists are now available for non-Spotify people.

First, the combined playlist with every song from the 1989-2009 Modern Rock 500 lists (excellent shuffle):Your browser is deprecated. Please
“Podcasts & Shows”

What is the difference reallySpotify’s New Home Feeds Make Discovering Your New Favorites Easy —
I wish they were making stats public - point me to the data api!

Sounds like @ART19co is just prepending the regular @podtrac prefix to their customers that do not opt out

I'll expect Podtrac's tracker share to spike in September's numbers:Podcast Tracker Rankings by Episode Share (Sept 2021)
Getting Android déjà vu remembering good old
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