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“I just find the answer to ‘How do you know that?’ to be really fascinating, sometimes challenging to my assumptions, and a teachable moment. The REAL lesson is in the details of ‘knowing.’” – @ericnuzumIf You Think Technology Will Solve Your Problems, Then You Don’t Understand Technology And You Don’t Understand Your
“All the apps begin with Google followed by three dots.” 🔥🔥🔥Scripting News: Wednesday, August 3,
@podhustlrapp Do you have an example RSS feed from your platform?

If you send me one, I'll put together an entry for you onpodcast-hosts/hosts.json at master · opawg/podcast-hosts ·
me in 2019 writing my own podcast app for iOS: better put an assert in there _just_ in case two distinct shows end up redirecting to the same new feed url (although what lunatics would ever do that)
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2022: 💥 @BryanBarletta @webby2001
Agreed - these lazy placeholders are terrible. I guess they are easier in some ways than conditional states - but if the app looks broken, you've
“So then, in closing, podcasting is, no doubt, the hardest business model to stand up. And if you’re going to create one, I think you need to be fully prepared for that reality.

No one wants you to succeed, not even your customers.” – @tannerhelpsDo podcast listeners deserve as much privacy as they demand? Do any consumers?
Want to support podcast:socialInteract with ActivityPub in your feed for standards-based episode comments, but let's be honest, you don't want to mess with Mastodon?

Check outFree ActivityPub comment threads for Podcasters ·
i love it when two know-it-all marketers are talking, right, right, and mistakenly swap "piracy" and "privacy" every other sentence
“product demand issues”
ActivityKit for live activities available for testing in beta 4!!Apple Developer
“A band that secured 55 percent of a paid account’s listening during a given month would receive 55 percent of its post-fee subscription payment, for instance.”Warner Music Adopts SoundCloud Fan-Powered Royalty
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log4j has become an ‘endemic vulnerability’ 🤭First Cyber Safety Review Board report finds Log4j has become an 'endemic vulnerability' - The Record by Recorded
US App Store revenue from non-game apps just topped games for the first timeUS App Store revenue from non-game apps just topped games for the first time – TechCrunchtechcrunch.comtwitter photo
Any idea why Workers doesn't support the standard WebSocket class when acting as a client, @jasnell? The WebSocket class is present, but the standard ctor does not work as elsewhere.

Instead there is currently a wacky non-standard way of setting it
Just made a thing: esbuild as an edge 🚀

Run esbuild by smashing two urls together

Served near you via Deno Deploy (@deno_deploy)esbuild as an edge
“content entrepreneur” 🫠
“Fingerspitzengefühl”Fingerspitzengefühl -
“fruits of the forest”
🚀 Just released Denoflare v0.5.3
- New commands for pubsub, d1, analytics engine
- New --workers-dev option to enable/disableCloudflare Workers® route on push
- `denoflare r2 presign` to generate native presigned urls now that R2 supports themRelease v0.5.3 · skymethod/denoflare ·
New Metric album is just what the doctor orderedFormentera by Metric Reviews and Tracks - Metacriticmetacritic.comYour browser is deprecated. Please
👀onunhandledrejection for globalThis? · Issue #7013 · denoland/deno ·
“Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form”
(0, eval)('this')
Just published deno bundle, as a

An easy way to turn any remote Deno module URL into a corresponding JavaScript ESM module (for example to use in a browser).

Prepend the Deno module URL with this site, and I'll bundle it on the fly and serve it up with the right headers.
no seriously - drop everything, check this out, and listen to some of the episodes

writeup here:Lexman Artificial

popped up on my radar tonight since he's encoding detailed transcripts for each episode in the MP3 ID3 metadata, which is very nice and extremely
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“Public radio has been considered leaders in podcasting's development and growth. Yet of the 200+ stations in the room, exactly one of them had figured out in all that time how to produce a show that was self-sustaining for a staff of one.” – @ericnuzumDoes Podcasting Lack A Middle Class? - by Eric
“world-wide web server”Ryan Dahl's"My Dream Stack" at RemixConf 2022 -
now this is interesting:TV NEWS : Search Captions. Borrow Broadcasts : TV Archive : Internet