john spurlock 2022

Interesting interview, esp re: podcasts / future of media

“that basically becomes tv on your phone, on the Spotify app”

“my son wants to watch what he's listening to”

👀 never heard it put this way, seems accurate

@ 24:04Bill Simmons on podcasts, celebrity interviews and life at Spotify - Recode Media | Podcast on
Just published 'denoflare-mqtt', a new super-tiny MQTTv5 client module for interacting with Pub/Sub

deno source:denoflare/common/mqtt at master · skymethod/denoflare ·

npm:denoflare-mqtt -

in-browser pub/sub demo:denoflare-mqtt

supports wss (WebSockets) in all envs, & mqtts (TCP) in
“Non-normative comment”
finally.localAndroid silently picks up long-awaited mDNS
ooh, timers are presented as "live activities" on the ios 16 lock screen

haven't seen this mentioned yet - very nicetwitter photo – Convert Date and Time to ISO 8601, RFC, Unix Timestamp, Week Number, Julian Day, any time zone, and
“Posts of Concern”
you know having these new iOS 16 widgets on the lock screen will not be a good look for Apple. just makes it even more apparent how slow WidgetKit widgets are to update

stock updates way out of date

old info about airpods long after they've been disconnected

in your face
Ugh, looks like my trusty 2015 mbp, which I had been using for betas, won't get macOS 13twitter photo
Installed iOS 16 on my main phone

Loving these notifications on the bottom with big-wheel-from-the-price-is-right discovery mechanics, very intuitive
New in iOS 16: AVURLAssetHTTPUserAgentKey

"A key that specifies the user agent of requests that an asset makes."Apple Developer

Huge for podcasting, apps can now easily set a custom user agent, instead of the default AppleCoreMedia!New podcast:
“Were they treasures or burdens? More importantly, when her kids opened the door to her house when she was gone, what story will she have left them?”The great junk transfer is coming. A look at the burden (and big business) of decluttering as Canadians inherit piles of their parents’ stuff - The Globe and
And yet somehow I am reading it @JamesCridlandtwitter photo
_and_ an iPhone 14 mini 😔I want a small Android phone!
Just released v0.5.0 of Denoflare, my cli to develop, test, & deploy Cloudflare Workers with Deno.

Stuffed to the gunnels with support for R2, Cloudflare's new S3 competitor:
- R2 public read & presigned url examples
- R2 usage & costs report
- R2 cliDenoflare ♥️ R2 ·
lol @JamesCridland is relentlessSpam sent via our RSS feed email
i’ll take
“Database optimization has become less important for typical apps. If you have a 1 GB db, an NVMe disk can slurp the whole thing into memory in <1s. As much as I love tuning SQL queries, it's becoming a dying art for most app developers.” – @benbjohnsonI'm All-In on Server-Side SQLite ·
“The fundamental mistake of Node.js was diverging from the browser as new APIs were standardized, inventing too much.”
Screensaver materialRare medieval manuscripts digitised for first time - BBC
“Apple likes money”
Digging this @CateLeBon album from February, just happened across it earlier this week - now on heavy repeatYour browser is deprecated. Please
(regarding the Windows 95 startup sound)
Interviewer: “Did you write that on a PC?”

@brianeno: “No, I wrote it on a Mac”Ta-da! It’s Windows — Twenty Thousand
These are going to be usefulGoogle Developers Blog: What is black and white and read all over?
catching up on newsletters: interesting slide on podcast listening from the Jacobs Media TechSurvey 2022

via:Three Things for April 18, 2022 - by Tim Eby - Three Thingstimjeby.substack.comtwitter photo
Wow this made my week, and the week hasn't even started yet.

News stories include Marge Schott and congressional concern about the possible epileptic effects of video games. Good times #woxyEpisode 81: A Day in the (1993) Life of Dave – Reliving the