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⏮ 😖 ⏭Android 13's squiggly media player dances to the music with youandroidpolice.comtwitter photo
Just cut a new release of Denoflare!

- Develop locally using https! BYO certs with something likeGitHub - FiloSottile/mkcert: A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd
- Incremental module compilation breakages on watch changes will no longer terminate serve! 😄😄😄Release v0.4.5 · skymethod/denoflare ·
@jasnell any details about what's new in V8 10.0? (now in Workers)

2022/04/22 Workers Runtime Release Notes - Workers - Cloudflare

The @v8js team hasn't blogged about it yet
👀👀👀feat(core): Add initial support for realms by andreubotella · Pull Request #14019 · denoland/deno ·
Ukraine invasion map over time

Amazing project by @rysiekpl, taking snapshots of Wikipedia changes

Once it loads, hit ⬆️ to start at the beginning and keep hitting ⬆️ to progress in timeSlides of Russian Invasion of Ukraineprojects.rys.iotwitter photo
I've been out of it, but just found out that the “monthly day of rest” for Twitter employees is real??Twitter Staff ‘Super Stressed’ Over Musk Board Chaos on Day
@thurrott the rss feed for First Ring Daily [1] is broken at the moment: the itunes:image tag points to an image that does not exist [2].

Looks like something you host onPersonal Technology | News, Reviews + ? Fixable?

[1]First Ring
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“Not every podcast effort aims to be the next Joe Rogan. For some, the focus was not on scaling. It was on identifying niches and underserved segments, looking to fulfill content they could not find, and becoming trusted recommendation sources.”What I Learned Teaching a NYU Course About Podcasting — Amplifi
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Thanks for mkcert, @FiloSottile! What a breath of fresh air this was compared to what I remember doing before.

Used it just now to test upcoming local https support inOverview · Denoflaredenoflare.devGitHub - FiloSottile/mkcert: A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd
This new Apple Original podcast "Run, Bambi, Run" is hosted by Amazon's @ART19co, produced by @campsidemedia, with content served by the @fastly CDN

Available in any podcast app, RSS feed:Run, Bambi,
Podcasters comparing Apple Podcasts analytics to their hosting company analytics (for the Apple Podcasts app) and seeing far fewer numbers in Apple than from the hosts is going to be really fun to watch.Will Apple and Google put podcast hosting providers, and Spotify, out of business?
Digging the album "New Long Leg" by @drycleaningband, released last yearDry Cleaning - Her Hippo (Official Audio) -
Podcasting certificate—and experience—helps OHIO student land a full-time job at WKYC
Missed this gem in my Stripe notifications from back in December. Interestingtwitter photo
Well this would have been really useful ~ 7 years agoAnnouncing AWS Lambda Function URLs: Built-in HTTPS Endpoints for Single-Function Microservices | AWS News
🎵 Forty-fives and jet noiseCalifornia Gold -
I notice @Deezer has started subscribing to WebSub hubs today to get faster podcast updates into its app, nice
yo @RogueAmoeba, typo on the main Audio Hijack product page:Rogue Amoeba | Audio Hijack: Record Any Audio on MacOSrogueamoeba.comtwitter photo
Same - I should also refresh less it is sad that I notice
How to Properly Cite a Podcast

Vogt, P. J., & Goldman, A. (Hosts). (2016, May 12). On the inside (No. 64) [Audio podcast episode]. In Reply all. Gimlet. <url>

Vogt, P. J., and Alex Goldman, hosts. “On the Inside.” Reply All, episode 64, Gimlet, 12 May 2016, <url>.
Oh I am going to use the heck out of this

Such a good idea, @benbjohnsonGitHub - benbjohnson/postlite: Postgres wire compatible SQLite
And of course today we have a German version of @JamesCridland 's podclock, except the feed has 1440 items, one for every minute.

Each episode has its own artwork!

And podlove chapters!

A @detektorfm
Ah, Cringe Awareness Day: when the terminally unfunny are oddly compelled to advertise their unfortunate condition as widely as possible
I listen to @libsyn's podcast "The Feed" regularly - @podcast411 and @TheElsieEscobar do a great job talking about what's relevant in podcasting and at Libsyn.

Inspired by @NathanG, I decided to collect & graph the stats they report every month 📈📉📈Libsyn Statistics,
"When I'm devving something" 🤢🤮
Heads up Transistor folks @mijustin @jonbuda

One of the podcasts you host has a Transistor-hosted episode page url (and rss <link> tag value) that is one thousand, seven hundred, and ninety-two characters long

I can't link to it directly, it's ep 99 👉Past Episodes | Mindshare Radioradio.mindshare.communitytwitter photo
“No one's job is just to think real hard. Because I kind of think the worst people in this industry are product managers. It attracts the worst people because, and I can understand why, it's like pure honey. It is all authority with no accountability.”the-stack-overflow-podcast.simplecast.comtwitter photo
Maybe on a Memorial Day weekend in the future, we'll be able to tune into @tententsrecs DJ'ing chunks of the Modern Rock 500 🏁 on Amazon's new Amp thingAmp: Host Live Radio