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Aaand, virtually nothing about Pocket CastsHow WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the internet weird - The Vergetheverge.comtwitter photo
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“If one puts the two papers side by side I for myself would find that the two papers are so different in every way that only a moron in a hurry would be misled.”A moron in a hurry -
⚠️ Podcast Outage! I repeat, podcasts are DOWNApple - Support - System Statusapple.comtwitter photo
hehe iCloud down again
Whoa, they are dusting off the old DreamService!

Surely a new large-screen Pixel device + dock is in the works...Android 13 DP2 brings the first visible changes to screen
Android 13 (Q3 this year) will support Bluetooth LE Audio!Android Developers Blog: Android 13 Developer Preview

Longer battery life for folks listening to podcasts all day over Bluetooth, without sacrificing quality

More info on LE Audio:Bluetooth LE Audio is going to change the entire wireless audio gameinputmag.comtwitter photo
Alright I've been using this new 27'' 5k monitor for only a few hours - and wow, what a difference it makes for pretty much everything I do.

Should have probably done this a long time ago...
“US advertising has shrunk by a third as a share of GDP. This is some combination of internet advertising being vastly cheaper and vastly more efficient on one hand, and on the other a lot of recategorisation.”TV, merchant media and the unbundling of advertising — Benedict
Verified the new “Auto-compression for HTTP response bodies” works for anyone self-hosting a Minipub server.

Once you upgrade Deno to latest, all of the ActivityPub you serve will be automatically gzipped/br'ed according to whatever the client supports!Get started ·
And data url support for Deno.emit!feat(compiler): support data url by lowlighter · Pull Request #13667 · denoland/deno ·
👀Release v1.20.0 · denoland/deno ·
hehe Plano is
🎵 You seem to come and go, I never seem to knowRide - Vapour Trail (Video) -
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This thingie should create a single podcast episode out of these, segmented with rich chapters (titles, images, urls) for much wider
“Implementations of CompressionStream and DecompressionStream are now available” 👀👀👀2022/3/11 Workers Runtime Release Notes - Workers - Cloudflare
Looks like @deno_land finally fixed their showstopper regression introduced in 1.18 when running on older linuxes like Amazon Linux 2 (and therefore Lambda/Lightsail etc) & Ubuntu 16.04, nice!Release v1.19.3 · denoland/deno ·
Just found out Stabbing Westward is about to release their first new full-length album in over 20 years. 🤯

Sounds like they will be staying right in their not quite industrial, not quite depeche mode, not quite rock laneStabbing Westward - Ghost -
Love this pragmatic app building advice from @zachshakkedConvopage : @zachshakked : I've been building apps since 2014 and have made a TON of mistakes along the way. Let me save you some time and help you avoid a lot of pain and frustration, here are my 50 tips for making it as a solo
“If any of our facilities or servers in Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia lose power or connectivity to the Internet, we have configured them to brick themselves.”
“In a way, Spotify is smartly using music as lead generation. It takes the user’s attention because the listener wants to stream music and channels it towards other audio forms. It is podcasts today and AI-generated sounds and audiobooks in the future.”
“That song [Friday I'm In Love] if you put it with their greatest hits, it fits right in. To the point where I had forgotten it was a 90s song - I thought it was an 80s song, released much earlier than it was, it sort of took me aback.” @digmeoutpodcastThat song Friday I'm In Love if you put it with their greatest hits, it fits right in. To the point where I had forgotten it was a 90s song - I thought it was an 80s song, released much earlier than it was, it sort of took me
“Twitter’s embrace of cryptocurrencies had a practical explanation. For years, the company has been growing more rapidly outside the United States than within it, and allowing users to exchange money across borders will help facilitate that growth.”Twitter Wants to Reinvent Itself, by Merging the Old With the New - The New York
Hard to take this article seriously, it leaves out the most popular Android podcast app @PodcastAddictThe 6 best podcast apps for Android in
“Editing a blog in a word processor or outliner, for example PageMill or FrontPage, desktop apps which everyone thought would be used, didn't go anywhere. They weren't of the web, they were part of the species that were wiped out by the asteroid.”Scripting News: Evolution in
📊 I was curious to see what the @buzzsprout monthly global stats looked like when graphed over time...

You can definitely tell when they started excluding AppleCoreMedia from the @ApplePodcasts share, meaning they're probably underreporting AP right nowBuzzsprout Statistics,
“The idea of PWAs, in general, seems to be catching on, as Google reports that desktop installs have seen a 270% growth year-over-year since the start of 2021.”Chrome users have been installing PWAs in record
“They put all their thought into creating audio episodes, but don’t realize that’s only a part of the equation to make a successful podcast. They think of it as a content distribution system, not an interactive system. This is why they fail.” – @ericnuzumPodcasting Is Social Media - by Eric