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“Cloudflare relays maintain a pool of IP addresses for exclusive use by Private Relay, registered w/ geolocation database providers to correspond to specific cities around the world. When a Relay user connects, the closest matching IP address is selected”iCloud Private Relay: information for Cloudflare
💡 New! About 1 in every 82 new podcast episodes provide chapter information.

ID3 tags are the most prevalent mechanism, about 4.5x as prevalent as the Podcast Namespace chapters

(and 1 in every 9 episodes using ID3 chapters use @marcoarment's Forecast)Statistics about Podcast
Looks like @Apple nuked their RSS feed for developer item releases?

Used to be
Hmm, wonder if I should switch over to this to generate my "threadcap" npm package (threadcap - from Deno source.

Think I'll stick with my manual generator for the time being, while the library is smallminipub/cli_generate_npm.ts at master · skymethod/minipub ·
Excited to see trailing checksums for PutObject! But the docs seem to imply it is somehow SDK only?

@jeffbarr, can neanderthals like myself using the S3 REST API directly do this with a standard http trailer as well?New – Additional Checksum Algorithms for Amazon S3 | AWS News
“The inspiration for the book came when Geary was driving on a highway in Indiana and spotted a sign listing restaurants at the next exit. Of the 24 named, 22 had begun in California.”Your Favorite Fast Food Is Probably From California - The New York
changing my longstanding stance on always playing podcasts at original speed

if you are just going to sit there and read scripted lines to each other, i feel like little to nothing is lost speeding it up

it probably should have been a written article anyway
People living on remote islands in the middle of the ocean fascinate meTristan da Cunha Families: Population
“Most of the time, though, it’s critical to guard your slack with care. It’s best to assume you’ll always tend toward using it up—or other people will try to steal it from you. Set clear boundaries in your work and keep an eye on tasks that might inflate.”Efficiency is the Enemy - Farnam
Let's see if Twitter will now show the image card forpodcast:social |
🚀 Just launched a thing over at podcast:social |

Let's get open cross-app podcast comments going!
"in a while" informal corporate speak for...

(checking transactions)

...last used in July 2004 (!)twitter photo
“He declined the accusations”
👀Random Musings on the Android 13 Developer Preview 1commonsware.comtwitter photo
New trend started by @Forbes: use commas when formatting year values to maximize readability (founded 2,022)forbes.comtwitter photo
that's debatabletwitter photo
“Dallas real-estate agent released a video touting benefits, a growing economy, low cost of living & friendly neighbors

Also warnings: the landscape is kind of boring; there’s not much to look at, everything is bigger in Texas, & that includes its people”Why Realtors Have Embraced Brutal Honesty. ‘Smells Like a Farmtown.’ -
“Why do we say that we are working _from_ and not working _at_ home?” – @judellLife in the neighborhood – Jon
Loving this 1980 album ‘Jeopardy’ by The Sound - I've had it on repeat recently.

Perfect post-punk, not sure why this band is not more well-knownHeartland -
initially read this as:

documentation is technical
“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Great quote!
top secret screenshot of the new Overcast app redesign:

Timing couldn't be better for ancient google for domains
Looking into the current state of ActivityPub over the last few weeks, focused on using it as a possible standard for cross-app podcast comments, controlled by podcasters in their RSS feed.

Just launched a new project to help podcast app devs get started:Overview ·
Intel should put a second fab in Cleveland, they would gladly rename the baseball team again #theclevelandceleronsIntel to Invest at Least $20 Billion in Ohio Chip-Making Facility -
so I guess we're back to three estates now, eh?
Whoa, know this exact spot well. Right next to my old workplace next door at Rowes
♬ for the angels and the devil fight to make em their ownLake Of Fire -
2022 media universe

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