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"three horizon thinking"
But still no Android 7.0 image available for Nexus 6...Android Police on Twitter:"[Update: Nexus 5X] The first Android 7.0 Nexus factory images are up"
"For example, you can click the button to call your spouse or a customer service representative"

1,2 on speed dialAWS IoT Button – Cloud Programmable Dash
Samsung reportedly 'inspired' to remove the home button on future galaxy phonesApple's 2017 iPhone will reportedly get rid of iconic home button - The
"What will be the future, If google dies?"

Something poetic about the phrasing. Future song lyric.What would be the future if Google dies? -
"Shopify launches its POS app"

#NeverGetsOldtwitter photo
Aka the "Forbes Demotion"Techmeme on Twitter:"Google to lower rankings of mobile pages that use intrusive interstitials starting Jan. 10"
And for those of us still writing javadocs, that day is today. Then is now.Jason Kottke on Twitter:"Reminiscing about when everyone used <p> tags without their corresponding closing tags."
noGet Ready for AI to Turn Every Child Into an
"It appears that a successful target sector for the watch is the service industry: valets, bar staff, waiters."Checking the Time, and Other Killer Smartwatch
"It requires as many different ways of thinking as you can possibly tolerate."The next wave of AI is rooted in human culture and
"And it’s not that the IoT doesn’t work. The situation is actually worse than that: The IoT /randomly/ works."Jean-Louis Gassée on Twitter:"I just published “The Internet of Poorly Working Things”"
Flair-Free Fridays?The Death of Flair: As Friday’s Goes Minimalist, What Happens to the Antiques? | Collectors
Colin Powell's memoir titled "Works on My Machine"It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership: Colin Powell: 9780062135131:
"Trump’s goal remains the same as a yr ago: not to be president, but to be on TV and make a lot of money doing it."Daring Fireball: Is Donald Trump Actually Trying to Win?
"Atlassian's workplace-chat app HipChat, used by companies like Uber and Expedia" #youknowtheircustomersatleastAtlassian HipChat gets video calling - Business
huh. android at 86% market share (samsung 22%, apple 13%). granted apple has no new phones, but still...Gartner Says Five of Top 10 Worldwide Mobile Phone Vendors Increased Sales in Second Quarter of
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"no matter how thin the pancake, there's always two sides"
"But I think it’s incumbent on a CEO to not just listen to points of view but to actually solicit them." —@tim_cookTim Cook, the interview: Running Apple 'is sort of a lonely job' | The Washington
til "rule of thirds"Rule of thirds -
"The iPhone and Android versions of the mobile app will of course continue to be supported" #ofcourseAmtrak too is discontinuing their app for Windows phone starting today | Windows
"revenue neutral"
ohGoogle Working On New Fuchsia Operating System | Digital
(google+)--The Google Play Store scraps Google+ integration | Ars
"Fine words butter no parsnips"
Arms race update update:Facebook rolls out code to nullify Adblock Plus’ workaround again – TechCrunchtechcrunch.comJohn Spurlock on Twitter:"Arms race update:"
Arms race update:Adblock Plus has already defeated Facebook's new ad blocking restrictions - The Vergetheverge.comJohn Spurlock on Twitter:""'Facebook should be applauded for its leadership on preserving a vibrant value exchange with its users,' said IAB""