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"It’s somewhat embarrassing that we didn’t look outward sooner."Did 9/11 Kill Rollerblading? (Yes.) – The
"no no no i said grep ARRRR"zooko on Twitter:"I just realized that voice-based UIs mean the return of the command-line! (And no, I don't think AI will soon obviate programming.)"
today i learned ADT lives on as an eclipse project: "andmore"GitHub - eclipse/andmore: Andmore - Eclipse Android
(elaine-voice) get. out!Amazon will reportedly bring spoken notifications to Alexa and the Echo - The
"al roker's production company"
"Our deep, comprehensive support for containers on Google Cloud Platform will create a gravity well in the market."Why Kubernetes is winning the container war |
"Since WaveNets can be used to model any audio signal, we thought it would also be fun to try to generate music."WaveNet: A Generative Model for Raw Audio |
wow, not sure if this is something to advertiseAmanda Peterson head of naming at Google Alphabet - Business
Android 4.2: "The Bean"
Twitter stock drops over 5% on announcement of direct message read receipts.
HTTP => HTTPNSGoogle Online Security Blog: Moving towards a more secure
Wow @CNBC reporter pronouncing hurricane Hermine: /ehr-meen/. Like Hermès...

Storm upgrade!
"Spontaneity was my security"Matt Viser on Twitter:"The full back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell is here. And wow."
Amazon CloudFront now supports HTTP/2!New – HTTP/2 Support for Amazon CloudFront | AWS
"Data-free idea"
"The problem, however, is that no one is doing that."

IndeedVR adoption among Steam users has crashed to a halt | VentureBeat | AR/VR | by Jeff
"The pain inflicted by blatant UI flaws turns into the reward of feeling and looking like a hard-core professional"The Impossible Bloomberg Makeover | UX
"factory work was traumatic: it required showing up at a particular time, staying a full day, and taking orders"Technology is taking jobs away from men—and reviving a pre-industrial version of masculinity —
Full immersionUsing Galaxy Note 7 with Gear VR could blow up in your face, Oculus
No quip just love this graphicUpcoming App Store purge could see hundreds of thousands of apps deleted |
Is there a Mount Rushmore for engineering? If so, Senior Zoom Specialist over at @instagram should be chiseled in.Fabrice Di Meglio on Twitter:"@johnspurlock yep ...can you believe that there has been so many announcements for a zoom?"
UPDATE: "The image just looks grainier and more pixelated." cc: @PulitzerCommitteeInstagram Finally Brings Image Zoom to Apps, But It’s a Letdown - WSJwsj.comJohn Spurlock on Twitter:"OMG REALLY?? Brave new world."
OMG REALLY?? Brave new world.Instagram zoom is already starting to roll out on
"Catastrophic abort"
"We probably lost a day trying to figure out what that meant"

A day? Bozo bit flipped.Google Intrusion Detection Problems | Fred Trotterfredtrotter.comtwitter photo
"The algorithm didn’t learn shit. The topics are just wrong — they have bad articles and insufficient sources."Confessions of an ex-Facebook trending news curator: 'They are just going to get rid of the product altogether' -
"Did you know that Goat Simulator made more money on Amazon Underground in December, 2015 than..." *STRONG DELETE*twitter photo
official sonos + alexa integration coming soon!

"beta test later this year, with general availability in 2017."SONOS, With Partners and Industry Leaders, Ushers in New Era of Connected Home Listening - USA (news)
"Nougat retains the pointless eyesore of a status bar at the top, filled with tiny icons, reminds me of Windows 98"Android Nougat’s single most confounding
nice!Improvements to CloudWatch Logs & Dashboards | AWS