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“Frankly, I rarely tweet anything other than a link, because I don’t enjoy debating with strangers in a public setting.” – @evConvopage : @ev : It’s interesting, though not surprising, that every time I do press interviews these days, I’m being set up to bag on Twitter and social media
Your search - "Virtue Straws" - did not match any documents.Whole Foods will ban plastic straws and offer smaller produce bags -
ok cool thanks for the info slacktwitter photo
New release 1.34 created in @code repo, VSCode 1.34 (April 2019) release should be arriving shortly...
😍😍😍Swisstedswissted.comtwitter photo
"Podcast DRM"
Longstanding prediction: Google will directly pay you (a small amount) for using search, they are more than happy with the current exchange. 😁Google Nest, Warriors gave away a whopping 19,000 Home Minis -
Will always have a soft spot for projects like this. Wrote one for myself back in 2004 backed by gmail attachments.GitHub - stewartmcgown/uds: Unlimited Drive Storage by splitting binary files into
“Many have compared the new theme to that of The Newsroom, the short-lived Aaron Sorkin HBO project about television news. ‘It sounds like a theme for a fake radio show that would be on a scripted drama,’ Andres said, ‘it’s a little self-important.’”Why the New NPR 'Morning Edition' Theme Is So Lousy - The
👍👍👍AWS Lambda adds support for Node.js
Ah I miss FreeBSD 👿jessie frazelle 👩🏼‍🚀 on Twitter:"what was your first unix machine, or your first memory of one...

I don't know what machine it was, but writing and playing choose your own adventure games was my first kinda unix experience, it was magical.…"
“The motivation to fill out the spreadsheet is baked into the form: All those sad, empty boxes need to be filled in, and only you can do it, by completing whichever task you’ve set out for yourself and then marking it as done.” – @lemonsandThe Next Wellness Trend Should Be Google
“Web technology already ate desktop apps alive, and the instant install button in Chrome and Edge will finish the job.” – @owThe End of App Stores Is Rapidly Approaching –
Podcasts now appearing in google search! Very cool...twitter photo
Coming across a finely-crafted watch on the ground: "Hmm, perhaps a designer?"

Coming across the Android development platform: "God does not exist"
“We used to have 40 social media people across our brands. Today, we have 22. Social used to be 30 percent, now it’s 10 percent. That’s what we all need to do. You can’t rely on any of them, long-term.”'Social used to be 30 percent. Now it's 10': Candid thoughts of publishers -
Android developers simply cope.The CommonsBlog — Random Musings on Q Beta 3commonsware.comtwitter photo
“The future, though, is a lot messier: getting information is more difficult, presenting that information is more challenging, and making money is very much an open question.”Google Fights Back – Stratechery by Ben
“Unlike traditional rich responses that exist in-line in the Assistant conversation, the Canvas web app renders as a full-screen web view.”Learn the basics  |  Actions on Google  |  Google
Omg Oracle dude in Patagonia, peak Google 2019
wonder if SystemUI is a "module"Project Mainline is Google’s new way to speed up security updates in Android Q - The
“People that are coming through into journalism courses are going to be brilliant journalists, but they’ve lived lives online, texting their friends, even texting their parents, so it’s a challenge to literally get them to ask a stranger for a story.”Broadcast training boss warns of 'gradual erosion' of social skills as journalism students grow up messaging online - Press
“When Kim and Kelley were born, their parents got a two-for-one Deal.”
“Citizen App Development”
“Apple is also planning to bring over its Podcasts app to the Mac this year”

Countdown to Apple Podcasts Android app starts now.Apple WWDC 2019: iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, tvOS Features -
“Do not anthropomorphize the lawnmower.”
“But despite the drawbacks, detectives noted how precise the data was and how it was collected even when people weren’t making calls or using apps — both improvements over tracking that relies on cell towers.”Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police - The New York
“If current trends continue, the N.B.A. could be a majority-3-point-league in the 2030s.”The ‘Dumb Choice’ That James Harden, Stephen Curry and the Rest of the N.B.A. Increasingly Avoid: The 2-Point Shot - The New York
Amazon S3 will no longer support path-style API requests starting September 30th, 2020twitter photo
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,296.00John Spurlock on Twitter:"New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,285.50…"