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“Binge Chernobyl”
Poor guy giving #wwdc2019 demo is the first and last time "ASAuthorizationControllerPresentationContextProviding" should ever be said out loud by a human being
This will make my no IB lifestyle so much easier...ericasadun on Twitter:"New Xcode. WANT. SwiftUI. WANT. givegivegivegive."
“What you're doing in the wider world is playing Martian tennis, you can see that people are playing a game but nobody has told you what the rules are. You have to deduce them by yourself & they can change at any moment.” –– Robin Hogarth via @DavidEpsteinDavid Epstein on Mastery, Specialization, and Range -
“Google parent company Alphabet Inc. and the other tech giants should be quaking in their fleece vests.” 😆Google Should Be Afraid. Very
My current stance (apologies to @michaelpollan):

“Use apps. Very few. Mostly your own.”Apple promises privacy, but iPhone apps share your data with trackers, ad companies and research firms - The Washington
"afta nafta"
It's not a proper #MemorialDayWeekend without the annual @woxy Modern Rock 500. 😎🏎🏁

It's been 10 years since the final countdown, but the music is timeless - so I decided to make massive Spotify playlists out of every Modern Rock 500 available. Enjoy!john spurlock 2019 : here is every 97x woxy modern rock 500 playlist from 1989 to 2009, bam!
here is every 97x woxy modern rock 500 playlist from 1989 to 2009, bam!

It's Memorial Day weekend, 2019 - in other words, exactly 10 yrs since the last of the annual Modern Rock 500 countdowns was aired on (previously WOXY FM).

The Modern Rock 500 represented the most requested songs for that year, interwoven with foundational classics from the catalog, as determined by the station staff. It was a proper soundtrack for the long Memorial Day weekend, and was a truly memorable event each year, starting in 1989.

For more context, check out the excellent article Remembering WOXY and the Modern Rock 500 published yesterday in Belt Magazine.

This Memorial Day weekend, the station might be defunct, but the music lives on! I've recently put together public Spotify & Google Music playlists for each year of the countdown, from 1989 to 2009. Here they are:

Each playlist has a bit fewer than the full 500 songs - not all songs are available for streaming on Spotify, but the majority are. Listed from #1 to 500, i.e. highest-ranked songs first - exactly opposite from how they aired on the station. Huge props goes to Craig Froehle for keeping an archive of the raw song listings.

I've also combined all lists into one massive single ranked playlist with every song appearing on at least one of the countdowns (over 1300 songs). It's a great list to shuffle and play for days, or at least this long weekend. 😎🏎🏁