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"no, he's a born clodpate"
Lush - Undertow -
google currents (@googlecurrents) | on Twitter:"Google+ for enterprise rebranded to Google Currents by @technacity…"
Google Play Music still hoping for that G+ social bonustwitter photo
hehe Spotify api has a tag:hipster🤓Search for an Item | Spotify for Developersdeveloper.spotify.comtwitter photo
BBC opts out of Google podcasts.

via Blogs - About the BBC - BBC podcasts on third-party
"it calculates interest... in real time!"
"and we'll be coming to Europe, starting with the UK"
hehe I remember low-flying-hawkJulio on Twitter:"#LowFlyingHawk…"
"Mueller is going to get sick now that his project is over"
"...but to the creators, by which I mean the /real/ creators..."
Mobile time-spent jumps up: YouTube corners ~40% of the traffic, Facebook less than 10% | What’s New in Publishing | Digital Publishing Newswhatsnewinpublishing.comtwitter photo
Current status: greatly missing @carr2nPeter Kafka on Twitter:"Here is an incomplete index of my chat with @brianstelter, who is a great chatter. Thank you Brian, and thanks the the #sxsw audience for great qs.
"Enormous amounts of what we know about ancient Rome can be traced only to books that had one single copy in the entire known world." – @OctSkywardMeta-historical conspiracies: Part 1 – Mike’s
"Material Design involves applying basic, natural laws from the physical world"Android Q Beta 1: Notifications can only be dismissed to right -
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yes excellent🙏 - snark and defend, excellent...Pocket Casts team defends changes in V7 update after widespread
"short thrift"
Feb 2019 @code release imminent, just tagged 1.32.0 🚨🚨🚨GitHub - Microsoft/vscode at
So I guess I'll be making a podcast app after all.Pocket Casts - Apps on Google Casts on Twitter:"It's officially here! We're thankful to everyone who has helped us test the app for the last few months and are happy to announce that Version 7 is now available for all.
Read more about the update and all it's exciting new features here:"
"Desired doneness"
And yet no one's trying to create the podcasting of Netflix
Breathe -
"beyond the wit of man"
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Extremely on message with 'Kazakastan'
😍😍😍Sony Xperia 1 Hands-On -
podcast-to-vinyl: a thingComedy Bang! Bang!-Creak, Slam, Sit: The Jack Sjunior & Brian Pieces Saga Exclusive 2LP | Newbury