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"We're now a lot like Germany/France/England/Netherlands, what we have is a sort of late-stage Christian afterglow"Subscribe to
The Reaccommodation of ChristProf Oscar Munoz on Twitter:"The term Good Friday is somewhat antiquated and confusing. A better one would be Reaccommodation Friday."
Yet powerless against Burger KingGoogle’s AI has learned how to draw by looking at your doodles - The
Next up: getting this working in an @awscloud lambda function...Eric Bidelman on Twitter:"A wild headless Chrome appears: . Coming to Chrome 59, all platforms.

Two new entrants in the "morning briefing" podcast category: @UpFirst (NPR) and 'The Daily' (@nytimes)

A category well-suited for podcasts
"When you are making a TV show, you're trying to answer: 'What do people want to watch in a year or two?'"How Amazon decides what TV shows to make - Business
"The real requires peril" – @nntalebReal Life is Risk Taking – Nassim Nicholas Taleb –
problem?twitter photo
"All it means is that you should not *hide important content* behind interactions" – @driven_by_dataIn Defense of Interactive Graphics | vis4.netvis4.nettwitter photo
Streaming device market share (Dec 2016, comScore):
18% Roku
12% FireTV
8% Chromecast
5% AppleTVRoku leading the way in streaming TV boxes, with fireTV, Chromecast & Apple TV following | 9to5Google9to5google.comtwitter photo
Android O preview logo is so gross. Version 8.0 Urinal Cake?twitter photo
Uninstalled Twitter native app 5 days ago as an experiment, replaced with "Twitter Lite" app. Today, no desire to go back. NoneJohn Spurlock on Twitter:"Seriously good job. It's like without all of the stuff I don't really use.

Doing a side by side is revealing..."
"OK, Google, add an iPhone to my shopping list."Google Assistant's new shopping list is live, here's how it
Worse. At least there was a global flash on Twitter:"Electron is flash for the desktop

Fiber to the home, midwest-consumer editiontwitter photo
Only in California: "The 90"

Abomination. Acceptable alternatives: "90", "I-90", "Mass Pike" or even "Innerbelt"Why Southern Californians Say “The” Before Freeway Numbers | Mental
"The president, they said, was a visual learner. Would briefers please use fewer words, more graphics & pictures?"‘Horrible’ pictures of suffering moved Trump to action on Syria - The Washington
Overestimate COM or DCOMAlex Russell on Twitter:"@TheLarkInn @seldo ...but with interop. You really can't overestimate the value of a base contract (e.g., COM or DOM)."

Org-chart showing? Mess this up too badly and Home device becomes completely irrelevant (as opposed to mostly).Google Assistant's shopping list is moving out of Keep and into the Home app on April
Reading books as too indulgent
Would love to peer into someone's mind as they type
the term "engagement-enabling". Nature of consciousness-level stuff.
Webhooks for receiving DMs!!!

(Can rip out my half-baked email notification -> gmail rule -> amazon ses nonsense)New APIs to power the future of customer engagement in Direct Messages | Twitter
Another big Twitter announcement today re: the api and roadmap. Taking a look...Building the Future of the Twitter API Platform | Twitter
Fail fast.Kontra on Twitter:""Researcher calls Samsung's Tizen OS 'the worst code I've ever seen'"

(If it doesn't explode, ship it!)"
Seriously good job. It's likeTwitter. It's what's without all of the stuff I don't really use.

Doing a side by side is revealing...Twitter Engineering on Twitter:"We’re excited to introduce Twitter Lite, a Progressive Web App at . Here's how we built it 🛠"
Just found out about Every Time Zone: compare time zones and the best time to meet with one, nice!
But requires minSdk level 24 (aka "N", aka < 3% of devices) to use anything other than lambda expressions, also no java.time. Weak sauce! 🇫️Android Studio on Twitter:"AS 2.4 Preview 4 brings a first look at Java 8 language features support and @GooglePlay on the Android Emulator!"
You start by slicing your head in half and wiring it up to *extremely* invalid html, apparentlyNYTimes Tech on Twitter:"You have no plans to become a computer engineer, but you want to learn code. Where to start?"
"The most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed."-type product language seems less humorous these days...twitter photo
First one per month per month's free, kidtwitter photo