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"Saturday Night Live has taken out its dentures, & is sipping the political situation through a straw" – @GladwellEpisode 10 :: Revisionist History
The blue C!Microsoft Edge Not Yet Relevant in Browser World As Everyone Uses Google Chromenews.softpedia.comtwitter photo
But there's just so much whitespace...Google is moving to a new issue
"A lot of the employment in our tech sector is in companies that are not profitable, some of them run out of cash."California Today: Has Silicon Valley Hit a Plateau? - The New York
"Imagine if you needed an iPad (or whatever) to write Windows apps. The very notion is ludicrous."Thinking About Android Studio on Chrome OS -
"threat actors"Millions of websites affected by unpatched flaw in Microsoft IIS 6 web server |
👍Android O feature spotlight: There's a cool new animation when opening or closing
"The magic of the camera in reestablishing civil/ethical behavior"NassimNicholasTaleb on Twitter:"8) Some precedent & philosophical background. We live in large anonymous communities, brought back to natural conditions by the web."
"'Indefinitely suspended' is Hollywood for 'fired'"
"He started coming home with acorns. He began to play outside more, even when other children didn’t join him."German Kindergartens Ban Toys to Prevent Drug Abuse - The
"some are worried the cause could be a phone"A Samsung store caught fire just a day ahead of the company’s Galaxy S8 unveiling… |
Paging @awscloud : the console's auto-complete should know about ACM!twitter photo
👍Persistent notifications in Android O have a new, minimized look |
👍Android 7.1.2 beta 2 separates the 'R' roaming indicator from your data connection, allowing you to see what type of connection you're
"he slowed down the audio 10 percent, so everybody talked weird - but u got the gist bro"

Genius by @joshrthompsonEpisode 5 - The Inner Heckler by Joshin' Around | Free Listening on
"While the idea of a smart jean jacket may not appeal to everyone..."How Google and Levi’s smart jacket shows what’s coming next for wearables - The Washington
awt > aws
"he writes about the bot industry"
"Have you and Jay been in touch at all since you left?"
"No. I’m assuming I will bump into him before we die."David Letterman on Donald Trump and Late-Night TV
Interesting idea! I'll check it out next time I'm looking for unscrutinized weak takes from the career-risk averseSidewire is civil, thoughtful, and either exactly right or exactly wrong for this political moment » Nieman Journalism
"I wrote the library and I still had to Google it." – @mbostock

Been there...What Makes Software Good? – Mike Bostock –
"equal equivalence"
"It is a specific building, so please — political opinions cannot be shown"Welcome, Airbnb Guest! Your Neighbors Are the Trumps - The New York
Love that Nunito font. Project also looks useful : )Susie Lu on Twitter:"Introducing d3-annotation
A library for annotating the web #d3js 💕🌟🤖"
"Competence does not depend on comprehension"Is Consciousness an Illusion? | by Thomas Nagel | The New York Review of
Apple: "Don't leave! Swift Playgrounds! We have Swift Playgrounds..."Apple’s Devices Lose Luster in American Classrooms - The New York
Love this. How long until data like this is available to anyone cheaply?Flotilla of tiny satellites will photograph the entire Earth every day | Science |
"If wealth is giving you fewer options instead of more (and more varied) options, you’re doing it wrong" – @nntalebOnly The Rich Are Poisoned: The Preference of
So he's sitting there on his phone copying and pasting C6ABUSvUsAAaLfC.jpg from a website into Twitter? Would love to see it in action.Tom Kludt on Twitter:"Another Trump tweet that provides a window into his media diet"
"There's no doubt that by targeting Apple users, Google is inherently clashing with Samsung" – @RDR0b11Google and Samsung will be rivals more than ever in 2017 (opinion)