john spurlock 2016

"We weren't inspired by gadgets, we were inspired by yoga pants."TechCrunch on Twitter:"The Daydream View is the first Daydream ready VR headset #MadeByGoogle"
there is seriously nothing better than a presenter waiting for applause that never arrives
"Google built a firewall between the hardware and Android divisions so other phone makers’ technology doesn’t leak"Behind the Pixel: Google’s First Real Threat to Apple’s iPhone -
"I need to display data on a page, not perform Sub Zero’s original MK fatality."How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016 – Hacker
"Meth kept people in the system without their having to think about it."High Hitler: how Nazi drug abuse steered the course of history | Books | The
"Google’s negotiations with consumer electronics manufacturers could be hurt by overly aggressive muscle-flexing."Google Home Strategy Aims to Use Chromecast to Beat Amazon Echo |
"pixelooza event"
"books are slow and long"
Firefox considering using Chrome plugins for flash and pdfsChromification Continues: Firefox May Use Chrome's PDF and Flash Pluginsnews.softpedia.comtwitter photo
Seriously just use GUIDs for branding going forward, Google - would be more coherent...VentureBeat on Twitter:"Google reorganizes cloud services under new ‘Google Cloud’ brand by @jordannovet"
"Introducing Google Currents for Work"
"G Suite" - remember this company amazingly has a head of namingTechCrunch on Twitter:"Google rebrands its business apps as G Suite, launches Team Drive & upgrades apps by @sarahintampa"
"Mozilla leadership had come to the conclusion that Firefox OS would not bring Mozilla the returns we sought"Google
"most people suck at content"John Spurlock on Twitter:""most people suck at content""
"When Chrome goes back online, the downloads you’ve started will automatically resume." — Google Finally, 2016Chrome on Android: Do more on every phone and
"'Nobody says don’t watch television or use your computer after 9 p.m. because of blue lights', he said."Some cities are taking another look at LED lighting after AMA warning - The Washington
"All data is credit data"‘Rogue Algorithms’ and the Dark Side of Big Data -
Serious stories always reference "Google", ignoring the pretentious "Alphabet" rename. Speaks volumes.Twitter may soon get formal bid, suitors said to include Salesforce and
"tell me your method for getting some people to head toward danger when everyone else heads in the other direction"The Morality of Surge Pricing – NewCo
"NPR's content innovation unit"
Agree. More half-baked ham.Joshua Topolsky on Twitter:"Oh what Allo doesn't have a web app / desktop version? Goodbye"
"a leader without followers is simply a man taking a walk"
"the online footprint review"
"bizarro google"Android Intelligence on Twitter:"Pixel phones and the birth of Bizarro Google"
Today I learned: "Java Engineer" 🙄Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating – Hacker
Fodder for your Tuesday Google tea-leave readingGoogle Now is dead: Latest beta of Search app erases references to Google
Also: "we’re finishing up our new weather forecasting model, which should drastically improve our global accuracy."Dark Sky API Status: The Forecast API is now The Dark Sky
"the bot ecosystem"
"I don't know if anyone's ever had a full size Krackel."