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"Stop the ugly shaming & vitriol towards those who happen to choose JavaScript as their primary web-building tool."Progressive enhancement isn’t dead, but it smells funny | Read the Tea
GorgeousSan Francisco by Drone in 4K -
👍If you don't see Moments in your Twitter app anymore, here's
"caffeine psychosis"
"You really think Zuck builds Facebook’s 2017 roadmap while a nerf war rages outside in an open space floor plan?"Fuck You Startup World – Startup Grind –
"what you spend time reading changes your brain."The Pot-Belly of Ignorance – Personal Growth –
So well constructed. Thanks @Chris_arnadeThe revolt of the back row kids – Chris Arnade –
"Twitter is what's happening, and what everyone is talking about. News and talk. We're the people's news network."Twitter's Dorsey Rallies Staff Around Independent Strategy in Internal Memo -
This makes sense, but they should have named the first hub thing something else.Google Cast App to Be Renamed Google Home App |
"This may be why Trump’s sentences often seem to trail off. He knows his audience can finish his sentences for him"Donald Trump’s strange speaking style, as explained by linguists -
Lol, audiblyChat Bots Aren’t a Fad. They’re a Revolution. –
"Designers frequently confuse obfuscation with simplification." — @dburkaStop the overuse of overflow menus – Free Code
"Done right, it can be magical. At no point using Daydream did I feel this." — @robaepriceFirst impressions: Google's Daydream headset proves mobile VR isn't ready yet - Business
"And while you're free to plant seeds, what you wind up with might not be what you expected." — @baconmeteorDeep-Fried
"Google home, for one."
"Twitter is overvalued, roiled by constant takeover rumors, too expensive & troubled for anyone to rationally buy."Wall Street Is More Sane Than Twitter Stock Traders - Bloomberg
It's true. More like: "I fondly remember the days when /only/ the server side was complicated."Dion Almaer on Twitter:"A great look at the paradox of choice over the years.... And the server side view."
Was just thinking today that it felt like peak twitter buyout spec. What a ride.Kara Swisher on Twitter:"Sources: Google will not make a Twitter bid and Apple also an unlikely suitor via @Recode"
"I’m worried that realizing this fact is such a personal threat to my media colleagues they won’t admit it’s true."Donald Trump Has Revealed Something About Journalists That We May Not Want To Admit Is
😍Panasonic's new prototype TV can hide in plain
actual lol @ graphicThe Register on Twitter:"My husband’s REPLACEMENT Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded on a plane, says wife"
Would be interesting to find out what "brand new projects" these developers are working on now...Google will kill Pixate on October 31 | VentureBeat | Apps | by Ken
Seems like this meme comes up every year or so. Compelling imo.Why aren’t we using SSH for everything? – The Startup –
"The Pixel isn’t even vaguely a threat to the iPhone. The key threat is to Samsung and particularly LG and Sony."Start up: Google’s Pixel plans, PINs in lights, Amazon zaps junk reviews, 4Chan near death?, and more | The Overspill: when there's more that I want to
"Android winning became synonymous with Google winning, when in fact Android was as much ouroboros as asset."Google and the Limits of Strategy – Stratechery by Ben
"It’s not that Dorsey has been uninvolved. On the contrary, his employees say he answers e-mails quickly."Jack Dorsey Is Losing Control of
2012 me would have been thrilled about:
● legit google phone
● 5″ android w/ premium specs
● credible home strategyIntroducing Pixel, our new phone made by
In hindsight this seems... a tad overstated.Hiroshi Lockheimer on Twitter:"We announced the 1st version of Android 8 years ago today. I have a feeling 8 years from now we'll be talking about Oct 4, 2016."
"Live stream users, gtfo"
"Ok google, give me the sponsored results for car insurance"