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"But ABCs Kimmel – Letterman’s heir as late-night ironist – weighs in with some surprisingly strong political bits"The New Politics of Late Night |
"A solid SOA approach begins in the code itself and moves out into the physical topology of the stack over time."Microservices – Please, don’t | Basho
"Sure, most of these Alexa Skills may seem like a toy or trivial now, but soon some will be gold."The Ubiquity of Voice and the Venture Opportunity – Startup Traction (by NextView) –
"Work is a compound noun: the job itself, the psychic benefits of money, pursuit of status, & affording lifestyle."The Free-Time Paradox in America - The
"With experience, you develop a good sense for tracking static vs dynamic, but newcomers can make bad tradeoffs."Paul Chiusano: The advantages of static typing, simply
NoNieman Lab on Twitter:"Are you ready to pay for a Netflix for podcasts?"
#TNF The evolution of Twitter...twitter photo
Evolution of Twittertwitter photo
"the Times asked a hot-air-balloon tycoon" (named the Count btw)

@CKlosterman-esque anecdoteWhen You Change the World and No One Notices · Collaborative
Three boys break into @charlierose's studio and have a spirited discussion.Media Coverage of U.S. Elections: Charlie Rose -
twitter photo
"Google already has Twitter on its platform via search. Does it need more than that for that much money?"Who will buy Twitter? We ranked all the possible buyers. -
Patreon Launches Private RSS FeedsPatreon Lauches Private RSS
Ah BatteryMeterView, my old pal.

Also: those orange system bars take on a whole new meaning now 💥💥💥'Safe' Galaxy Note 7s may use a different battery icon | Android
"The word 'anchor' is a kind of perfect word for breaking news. You are being an anchor." — @brianstelter

★★★★☆Peter Kafka on Twitter:"I got 43 minutes with @brianstelter! We talked about everything. He's really thoughtful."
The @EconTalker with @CKlosterman "But What If We're Wrong" should be chiseled into EconTalk Mount Rushmore. ★★★★★Chuck Klosterman on But What If We're Wrong | EconTalk | Library of Economics and
Coming soon, direct jdbc access to @github prod db.The GitHub GraphQL API - GitHub Engineeringgithubengineering.comtwitter photo
Now a video of the S7 /Edge/ exploding...Matthew Panzarino on Twitter:"Wow"
Google Pixel phone timing could not be better:

"Android sans explosion *
*Your battery will not last long enough to overheat, guaranteed"
Ok the Twitter Apple TV app is a disaster.

Nowhere to go but up.Recode on Twitter:"Twitter’s Apple TV app is ready, one day before Twitter starts streaming the NFL"
mmm... nahtwitter photo
"Alphabet Buys Twitter for $16.4 Billion"

(In area man's fantasy world)The Ultimate Fantasy Tech Draft – The
I'll have the six piece...Amazon announces cheaper and better $49.99 Echo Dot, will issue $10 Alexa Shopping credits to first-gen owners who
PB and chocolate. That video of HRC over the weekend posted to Twitter first. Imagine a paired broadcast outlet.Jay Yarow on Twitter:"What do we think of Twitter’s gradual pivot from a social network to a TV network?"
AR over VR officially no longer a hot take.Exclusive: Why Apple CEO Tim Cook Prefers Augmented Reality Over Virtual Reality - ABC
"The company said that people don’t need a Twitter account, nor a cable subscription, to access HD Streams."Twitter launches on Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One |
Quick turnaround!Twitter launches on Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One | TechCrunchtechcrunch.comJohn Spurlock on Twitter:"But still no Twitter AppleTV app"
NetBeans "is used by web developers for creating web sites." 🤔

Numbers? Plural implies > 1NetBeansProposal - Incubator Wikiwiki.apache.orgtwitter photo
"Smartwatch is DOA until it's a standalone device with 4G. Leaving the phone at home — that’s compelling!" — @JasonThe Six Reasons Smart Folks are Worried About Apple |