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"Reputation economy depends on a conservative attitude: Keep your mouth shut & your skirt long"

Bret Easton Ellis on Living in the Cult of Likability - The New York by @BretEastonEllis
"This tablet’s entire reason for existing—to run Android—is also the worst thing about it." - @RonAmadeo

bafflingPixel C review—New hardware ignores an Android tablet’s core problem: software | Ars
"overlooked: just a few wks before Serial's launch, Apple updated iOS to include a native, undeletable podcast app"Guide to Podcasting |
ibm is like a parody of itself

@IBM wants more women in tech"hack a hairdryer" campaign #HackAHairDryer (video) -

its twitter account actually says it "Follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines"
"♫ what would you do? / what would you do if i followed you? ♫"Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl (Video) -
"♫ does anybody know how the story really goes / or do we all just hum along ♫"Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby (Video) -
"♫ will you follow me down? ♫"Stone Temple Pilots - Down (Video) -
"♫ flies in the vasoline we are ♫"Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline (Video) -
"jckarter merged 1 commit into apple:master from pcbro:patch-2 4 hours ago"

Fix inconsiderate naming - @PCBroFix inconsiderate naming by pcbro · Pull Request #165 · apple/swift ·
til "bioconservatives"Geneticists Are Concerned Transhumanists Will Use CRISPR on Themselves |
because web 2.0, right? whatever happened to that?What’s an API good for, anyway? – Sam Gerstenzang –
"I am using a real mobile phone, not a hokus pokus device that can't do
anything good"Hilarious bug report complaining about the creation of Android in
"Cuthbertson emphasized the fact developers specifically requested making app builds and deployment faster"Google unveils Android Studio 2.0 with Instant Run, faster Android emulator, and new GPU profiler | VentureBeat | Dev | by Emil
"Note that Instant Run requires Ice Cream Sandwich (API level 14) or above to work"Instant Run - Android Studio Project Developers on Twitter:"Introducing Android Studio 2.0 with Instant Run, dramatically improving your app build and deploy times:"
yea and we'll all have google tvs then too9to5Google on Twitter:"Google exec predicts its cloud business will bring in more revenue than ads within 5 years"
"i almost need a lock screen for my lock screen"Notifications Summit: Session 7 |
"I think podcasting still has an association with something that two dudes make in their basement"Podcasting in 2015 feels a lot like blogging circa 2004: exciting, evolving, and trouble for incumbents » Nieman Journalism
"Manhattan as a service"Bay Area problems — Benedict
animated map of the contiguous 48 states showing every country boundary change from 1629 onwardsTerritorial History of the USA: Every Month for 400 Years -
"Apple is destroying design. Worse, it's revitalizing belief that design is only about making things look pretty"How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name | Co.Design | business +
i'm relieved, one less show to care aboutTrevor Noah has cratered “The Daily Show”: He has no bite, no message — and has let Fox News off the hook -
wow, excellent breakdown by @rickyvanveen on media, internet, etcREDEF ORIGINAL: “Facebook Is The Internet” And 13 Other Things Media People Debate At
google removes tasker from android market, and for a version they did not even publish - so gross[Update: It's Back] Google Removes Another App From The Play Store For Dodgy Reasons, This Time It's
google will apparently send items from chrome straight into my 2010 nexus one phone. nice!Nexus One - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.orgtwitter photo
"please continue shopping"

i wasn't, is this a hint?twitter photo
our app didn't work so neither will yours?Nobody Wants Your App. – The Startup –
"It also functions as a versatile, ultralight second bag for any trip."SDR Traveller 1M
hoping other publications draw inspiration from the newNew design, very cleanHow The New Republic's Redesign Is Chasing Millennials | Co.Design | business +
"Sensibleness goods" ➡ "world in which the things that work well are the same as the things that work well socially"The Awe
ah, so the ipad pro is an $800 @forscoreapp machineIPad Pro and Forscore Part 1 -