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"the idea is always to evolve upwards"Android N could stand for No App Drawer: Why that's an epic mistake -
in-house expertise + better self-service tools + appification = fewer high-priced external web consultants 📉The Elephant In The
but amusingly not available /on/ apple tvericasadun on Twitter:"Tech Talk Videos on Apple TV: (hat tip @lyle_andrews)"
minecraft in monoScottGu's Blog - Welcoming the Xamarin team to
i'm sorry, davetwitter photo
"can i interest you in google cloud platform?"twitter photo
article 1 of (calculating...)Opinion: Ditching the app drawer with Android N would be a terrible idea |
"an update on the bernie sanders campaign"
"an update on strong mode"

"an update on" is such a tired euphamism for "we are killing"Google
twitter stock up 15.33% since @stephenfry quit
2nd law of enterprise-focused products - inevitably isomorphic with sharepointGitHub on Twitter:"Issue and Pull Request templates"
functional high ground"nan gb of 0 bytes" - Twitter
TIL "pre-nicorn"

and now so have you
sighting of rare 'grunge bill'twitter photo
"Business has gone entirely passive aggressive." - @lucykellawayAn old-school reply to an advertiser’s retro
highway gothicThe feds are killing off Clearview, the new highway sign font - The
"then i rip the discs, i rip the discs into my naaaahz" #nas #theothernasThis Week in Tech 547: Alexa, Rent Me a Monk -
come on, black and white striped hoodie is low hanging fruit here sunday timesCharles Arthur on Twitter:"Images like this (from Sunday Times) will tend to stick. Hard for Google to row back from this."
The bad part indeedPlay Games Permissions are changing in 2016 | Android Developers Blogandroid-developers.googleblog.comtwitter photo
"these former warehouses will go back to being warehouses"
"No results found for CyanogenFridge"
"fridge enthusiasts"
"the peter pan culture here"
"i like to game-jam solo"
wow... ♫♫♫

(by @GoGo_Penguin)
"to 'volkswagen' the results"The Globalist - Tuesday 22 December by Monocle 24: The Globalist | Free Listening on
"it's kind of a jank pile" #hangoutsAndroid Police on Twitter:"[The Android Police Podcast] Episode 187: Use A Taco Emoji For Priority Attention"
that's it, i'm declaring podcast bankruptcy
"Plan C: Christmas is coming! Just flash Android and ship it"

The Pixel C was probably never supposed to run Android | Ars by @RonAmadeo
"is not a good track record of less intelligent things controlling things of greater intelligence"

The Philosopher of Doomsday - The New by @raffiwriter