john spurlock 2012

so "one-file" java apis are kind of my thing lately. was this close to writing one for json until i found "mjson":Governments for Open Source Cooperation: MJSON 1.1
i'll see your huntsman's "perfectly lubricated weathervane" and raise you cnn's "mayonnaise sandwich on a silver tray" #yardsignplease
"i’m sorry, but we have to be evil to compete with facebook"The New Gmail Sucks — Crooked
"there are more mobile phones than toothbrushes in the world today"
"even more excited about a $25 mobile device w/ browser, endless apps appear in the hands of a billion school children"What Makes Android
♫ "you've got one good trick and you're hanging on you're hanging on... to it"Not the Same- Ben Folds -
♫ "i used to care, but things have changed"Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed -
wal-mart employs 2.1 million people and has a grand total of 26 issued patents (speaks volumes on patent system)Patent Database Search Results: AN/wal-mart in US Patent
the new york times is canceling all of their podcasts as of yr end 2011 - hoping to shift listeners to paid digital subscribers? (good luck)
"brands are now an essential part of people’s identities" [according to facebook]Exclusive: Leaked Details of How Facebook Plans To Sell Your Timeline to Advertisers |
"there's also a bit of force closure"
"remember, you are the anti-apple"
dudes, javascript is not "lisp with infix notation"
new jvm flag: -XX:+UnlockCommercialVMOptions #notajoke
"commercial flags support features for which oracle charges a fee for production, though they're free for development"
"@Bitbucket: we're back up and running. sorry for the inconceivable." no longer inconceivable i suppose
git push heroku master
just released odata4j 0.5 (an open source #odata framework for java) - changelog:Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project
nio-based http client proposed for java 8, nice!
still not interested in spdy? i wasn't either until this
♫ frustrated, incorporated
stunning time lapse video of earth as seen by the international space stationEARTH on
android 4.0.1 source code released - including history (honeycomb 3.x)Google
"it was a non-information age"
"an approximate answer to the right question is better than an exact answer to the wrong question"
chrome webgl experiment: an infinite digital bookcaseDesigning an infinite digital bookcase - The official Google Code
"rights don't come in bunches"
"but i do think one has to always differentiate the idea of change and progress"Max Levchin And Peter Thiel: Innovation In The World Today Is Between ‘Dire Straits And Dead’ |
"please relinquish!"