john spurlock 2011

"it's not the consumers' job to know what they want"
"Software engineering is a misnomer. It’s more like software fabrication. As in fraud." #totallyagree
trailer for amon tobin's all new, highly ambitious, breathtaking 'isam' live show:Amon Tobin 'ISAM' Live (Extended Trailer) -
<uniqueVersion>false</uniqueVersion> has no effect in maven 3.x, snapshot artifacts will always be deployed using a timestamped version #doh
"we may be living in the most peaceable era of human existance"Steven Pinker: Why Violence Is Vanishing -
♫ "but not so cool man if you care / for all the other boys caught in your bleach job hair" Boys Better - (finally saw Dig! docu)
i love stock charts that look like this:i love stock charts that look like this -
tumblr photo
"when the train of history hits a curve, the intellectuals fall off"
finally! good technical overview of winrt by @migueldeicaza WinRT demystified - Miguel de for those of us who won't be tinkering with it anytime soon
ghost city of ordos (china)ghost city of ordos (china) -
"if this, then that" - really cool idea Learn how IFTTT works - probably won't use it though - too much account info in one place
ten years ago today i awoke to a phone call and a scared, shaken voice. also, ten years is apparently an insignificant amount of time.
with the appengine price hike + new paas's coming out daily,happy to have my own abstraction layer. sometimes abstraction pays off #notoften
"in our times the ability to discover is far more important than the ability to invent"
♫ "tell me, tell me what you're after / i just want to get there faster"Smashing Pumpkins-Siva - vidéo
krugman on this week: "the public should want what i want, but it doesn't"
odata4j project migrated to mercurial - primary on google code, mirrored on bitbucketjohnspurlock — and githubjohnspurlock (John Spurlock) ·
"maybe it’s absurd to think we lost novelists and musicians to mckinsey… but i think we did."Bless the toolmakers /
just posted a sample #odata service hosted on @heroku (odata4j+jpa+postgres) source:Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project
clever. send a uid in the last-modified header for subsequent tracking.Persistent and Unblockable Cookies Using HTTP Headers – New Web
git push heroku master
"if you want to build a ship, don’t drum up men, divide work, and give orders. instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."
i take back everything i said regarding lazy movie sequels Ridley Scott To Direct New 'Blade Runner' Installment For Alcon Entertainment | #bladerunner!
can confirm #clojure on @heroku really is as simple as Clojure on Heroku · went through a similar process myself last night...
motoblur = deadAlphabet Investor Relations - Investor Relations -
it's wednesday, august 10, 2011 - and i still hate maven
dow futures down 274. tomorrow will be interesting indeed
oscon java 2011 keynote video: "twitter: from ruby on rails to the jvm" O'Reilly OSCON Java 2011: Raffi Krikorian,"Twitter: From Ruby on Rails to the JVM" - why? concurrency model, gc, man-yrs on hotspot
migrated from svn to mercurial on googlecode #rainydaysareproductive