john spurlock 2011

listen to "patents" by @npramericanlife When Patents Attack! | This American bolsters the perception that their shows on other topics are well researched
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so @TheEconomist finally releases its android app - incompatible with actual tablets running honeycomb #allfourofusaredisappointed
♫ you may find your love is gone and is not quite what it seemed / to appear to disappear beneath all your darkest
android is top operating system, apple is top manufacturer Insights | Latest Consumer Insights and Trends | #nicechart
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computing transitive closure...
the rationale for clojurescriptRationale · clojure/clojurescript Wiki ·
clojurescript: a clojure to javascript compiler!GitHub - clojure/clojurescript: Clojure to JS
new nio.2 file system api in java 7 Oracle Technology Network for Java Developers | Oracle Technology Network | #nicework
"datastore writes are temporarily unavailable. please see Google Cloud Status for more information."
github is not your new résumé. it is a small part of your public portfolio, which is a small part of your portfolio.
♫ and i've got reservations / about so many things, but not about you ♫WILCO - RESERVATIONS -
"we have to leave it there" memorialized on the meet the press prompter #ofcourseyoudo
"the audience isn’t on twitter, but the news is on twitter" The people formerly known as the audience | The via @TheEconomist
"you have unlimited space for music."
clojure on heroku, nice Clojure on Heroku | #firstjvmlang
♫ i spit on the hand that feeds me / i will not control myself ♫Radiohead - Vegetable -
excellent discussion about rest (architectural style) Herding Code 115: RESTravaganza with Darrel Miller, Glenn Block, and John @gblock and @darrel_miller keep things on point, minimal msft bent
this isn't summer camp
keep an eye on those empty "info calories"
dropbox public folder = great iterative web prototyping environment
origin of os "daemon" = maxwell's demonThe Origin of the word
very interesting concept - mechanical turk meets the real world:Gigwalk : The Leading Mobile Workforce Solution -
source code for #odata @cloudfoundry example. install eclipse -> sts -> cloudfoundry extension -> check outGoogle Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project
#odata runs on @cloudfoundry #painless
"it requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious"
i simply cannot take the term "cyber" seriously, seems to be proliferating recently #bozobit
edit google code hosted files in-browser! Make quick fixes quicker on Google Project Hosting - The official Google Code #justnoticedthis
♫ fax machine anthems, get your damn hands up ♫Beck - Hell Yes -