john spurlock 2010

windows azure security overview: architectural and operational details are described, transparency = good
javafx is laughable. dead on arrival. will be interested to see how it is promoted by oracle at javaone, if at all. #embarrassedforyou
cannot download any jdk/sdk from the official site. "your download transaction cannot be approved. contact customer service." #oraclehatesme
both oracle and google incorporated in delaware according to tidbit in the legal complaint #ofcourse
"no one ever does it like that anymore"
"leadership means finding a new direction, not putting yourself at the front of the herd that’s heading toward the cliff"The American Scholar: Solitude and Leadership - William
posted instructions for hosting an odata producer in tomcat using odata4j:Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project
iis express: a step in the right directionScottGu's Blog - Introducing IIS
"...but it's just the price i pay, destiny is calling me, open up my eager eyes, cause i'm mr brightside..."
finally had occasion to use the amazon s3 mgmt console (nice work)
fascinating slidedeck on newspaper economics:Newspaper economics, Online and Offline (03/13/2010 Hal Varian FTC Preso - Revised) |
four chords, infinite number of pop songs (must watch):Axis of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song (with song titles) -
no distributed caching (velocity) in azure is disappointing, seems like an obvious component of a full-blown paas environment (+1 appengine)
"windows server appfabric" = caching/appserver/workflow "windows azure appfabric" = servicebus/access #windowsproductnamesareacompletejoke
mike taylor speaks a bit re: @woxy at his new internet
appengine has a simple java api for application admin. cool. just uploaded an app and downloaded - This website is for sale! - jarvana Resources and
and now is down. (do ppl use appengine for anything but demos?)Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your website is down or up?
seriously appengine, wtf? hrs of my life i will not get back because you apparently cache old class definitions in prod
https for google search Official Google Blog: Search more securely with encrypted Google web just in case you were concerned about shoveling all of your data to a 3rd party... (er, wait)
"google to launch amazon s3 competitor ‘google storage’ at i/o" Google To Launch Amazon S3 Competitor 'Google Storage' At I/O | nice! awaiting details tomorrow...
fallows atlantic article - how to save the news: How to Save the News - The mostly about google's take. e.g. 'yield management' of display ads
facebook's zuckerberg: "yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at harvard just ask. they trust me. dumb fucks."Well, These New Zuckerberg IMs Won't Help Facebook's Privacy Problems - Business
odata4j: added json/jsonp support for read-only #odata operations (latest snapshot)odata4j - An OData framework for appengine
obama: "information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment" // as opposed to wh press conferences?
google's new look = bing's old look #stealingisflatteryorsomething
(yum)Sprint's HTC Evo, the First Ever 4G Phone: Meet the New
is the notion of a 'web application' misguided? a must read: Understand The Web · Ben (posted via web of course)
cool - .net 4.0 contains a new built-in spinlock struct: system.threading.spinlockSpinLock Structure (System.Threading)
"if you do not want to boil your water, you can disinfect it by adding 1/8 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water" tastySite Help |
"to have another language is to possess a second soul." - charlemagne #quoteoftheday