john spurlock 2010

brad abrams (the .net framework design guidelines guy) leaves msft, contact him via gmail going forward. hmm...My Last Day at Microsoft – Brad
boy went to war in 1914 - left his bike chained to a
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"it’s worth realizing that android is no more open – and no less closed – than windows mobile, apple osx or palmos"Is Android Evil?
"program or be programmed" (media programming)Rushkoff: Program or be programmed! / Boing
wow, very impressed with @twilio
just posted v0.1 of my new odata java toolkit to google code, calling it odata4jGoogle Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project updated to the point at which @woxy went silent (march 23rd) top 50 artists/songs in their last
"it’s an arrogant move because you’re saying that whatever i have to ask you is more important than what you’re doing"Why You Can’t Work at Work - Video | Big
"facebook 'linked to rise in syphilis'" Facebook 'linked to rise in syphilis' - #headlineandstockimageoftheday
".net devs need more redbull… that’s all i can say." honest thoughts on the mix conf from flash/flex dev @jesterxlWhat I Learned From Microsoft MIX 2010 – Software, Fitness, and Gaming – Jesse
"every c-span program aired since 1987, now totaling over 160,000 hrs, is contained in the c-span archives"About - C-SPAN Video
the new is live... OData - the Best Way to well done. includes a service list - all live odata services fit on half a page : )
static metamodel #techtermsthatwouldmakegoodbandnames
updated - top 50 artists/songs spun on @woxy last week: #1:los campesinos! + small black/despicable dogs
"there is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all" - peter f. drucker updated - top artists/songs spun on @woxy last week: topsong: album leaf - we are topartist: spoon
Please Rob is the first of many - brilliant
hoping the short-term impact of the winmo 7 announcement is a quick death of the cutesy drop-shadow icons/rounded corners in mobile apps...
just updated - top 50 artists/songs spun on @woxy last week: high score = surfer blood
laptop from the future: intel quad core i7, 8gb ram, only solid state disks - performance is unbelievable - and completely silent
just found out for the first time that a 64-bit version of visual studio does not exist. good reasoning by @ricomariani atVisual Studio: Why is there no 64 bit version? (yet) – Rico Mariani's Performance
how to prepare a
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of course ellison would probably just say again "itunes does not run sql server" etc
btw, the answer to ellison's "what am i missing" question was infrastructure/platform as a service. not the same as thin client/app hosting
wow, sycophants in the audience for ellison's q&a, very weird. "larry, may you live forever, mind reiterating the corp take from 2 hrs ago?"
oracle, on every slide: "no change in support timelines or distribution model for sun products" basically they are not killing anything updated, freelance whales, edsharpe/magzeros-40 day dream top the artists/songs spun on @woxy last