john spurlock 2011

"a great opportunity for nfc-equipped smart phones which also have the capability to /emulate/ a card" FareBot: Read data from public transit cards with your NFC-equipped Android phone - #oknowiminterested
amazon web services keeps on rolling - simple email service AWS | Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) - Cloud Based Email #awesome

Facebook is enough to have experienced without going totally mad. It feels like being in a huge mansion, with a thousand rooms and inside every room are books and paintings and artists and extraordinary people and knowledge and conversations and love and humanity and interesting work and children playing, the theare of life, but in a recurring nightmare you are forced, in a kind of Satrian hell, to open each of the thousand doors only one inch, glance in with one eye against the crack, make some weird little jargon statement, chuckle inanely and move onto the next door, until you’ve done all thousand doors. But you never ever go inside any of them. All you do is go around 1000 rooms in the next mansion and then the next and so on for the rest of your life, for ever and ever. All you are left with is the empty brag that you have been in x mansions and each of them had a thousand rooms.
run @glassfish 3.1 on windows azureRun Java with GlassFish in Windows Azure – Architecture +
comparing us states to countries (gdp + population)Comparing US states with countries: Stateside substitutes | The
awesome metafilter thread started this morning: "why chinese mothers are superior"Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior |
tucson girl observing the news today on twitter, then finding out she knows the suspectTwitter. It's what's
the avian autopsies #greatbandnamesfromnewsheadlines
tumblr photo
nature by numbers/05/10/dreaming-in-numbe... -
daft punk + 100 piece orch (tron legacy score) Tron: Legacy (Amazon Exclusive Version): Daft Punk: MP3 clint mansell + swan lake (black swan score) #omgomg
google appengine limit on remote url fetch raised from 1mb to 32mb! Issue 1355 - googleappengine - Bigger limit to urlfetch (currently 1MB) - Google App Engine - Google Project #makesappengineinfinitelymoreuseful
"it has always been the journalistic approach: first simplify, then exaggerate" #dictum
"inconvenience is not considered a hardship"
fantastic slide deck on netflix aws infrastructure/tools/philosophy Netflix on Cloud - combined slides for Dev and #architectureporn
"the need in a great society not only for publicity but for uninterrupted publicity is indisputable. yet the facts far exceed our curiosity"
"but html is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including (apple’s) ios platform," muglia said.Microsoft: Our strategy with Silverlight has shifted |
"and it's strange, they are basically the same, so i don't ask names anymore"
odata4j (#odata toolkit for java) version 0.3 released. new android client example and a few bug fixes. Google (cc @TechboyUK) ! #html5
jquery mobile alpha 1 released i'll start using this immediately, huge time saver #sluggishonmyoriginaldroidthough
google shows how 'embrace and extend' is done with #java on #android, textbook. haven't seen this expressed yet in the trade press (#gonuts)
real time twitter search via websocket or comet using the atmosphere framework Real Time Twitter Search via Websocket or Comet using the Atmosphere Framework | (by @jfarcand) #amazingstuff
"it's ok to have an unexpressed thought"
cool - twitter streaming api coming out of
"all problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection
...except for the problem of too many layers of indirection"
thought provoking proposal by @jodastephen at #javaone. given jdk8 is now slated for 2012, why not overhaul the language instead? #agree
google pulling out of this year's javaone:An update on JavaOne - The official Google Code
odata4j (odata toolkit for java): published stable version 0.2 (new: javadocs, json, pojo api, dallas ctp3, links)odata4j - An OData framework for
although the appendix defines "rest" as: "an rpc protocol running over soap used within the windows azure environments.." #surelyyoujest