john spurlock 2008

ec2 forum posts are ~2x s3 forum posts (s3 launched earlier), and simpledb is at least one order of magnitude behind
forum post count as level-of-interest indicator for amazon web services: s3: 10657, ec2: 16768, simpledb: 1768
e.g. chart of radiohead album tracks by track length (in seconds)
freebase parallax - seriously one of the coolest things i've seen in a while - updated for the week - top 50 songs/
"the app needs to have search built in. and it needs to be good." (from a reddit comment) true that nowadays updated for the week - top 50 new artists/
yepWhy Developers Are Interested in REST | James
excellent survey on what should contain:Blog | Common Ground |
gah - codeplex is so buggy
picked up two new softwareisms today: "you can't retrofit simplicity" and "polishing the nose cone"
amazon s3 implements cross-location (us<->eu) and conditional copy!AWS Developer Forums: Copy Support - Beta strikes back against adblock (old news but new to me)Big TV flips ad blockers the bird • The
want to restart a machine via rdp? on a macbook? fn-ctrl-alt-right arrow to bring up the "windows security" dialog
"java = conservative choice for server-side" is still amusing to me (recalling applets, hotjava, etc)
released spaceblock - added experimental file system type based on sql server data servicesCodePlex.SpaceBlock - updated for this week - the hotlist for this
great data visualization of box office returns this year:2008 US Movie Box
spray paint the vegetables
damn you @kevinrose, and thanks!
is @codinghorror the thomas friedman of tech blogging?
epic cuil
google xml pages?? yet another example of goog "not invented here"-itisGoogle Slides - create and edit presentations online, for
quick way to instantly lose credibility: suggest that we are living in a "post-database" world
updated - the hotlist for this
blob support transforms ssds from a competitor to simpledb, to a competitor to simpledb *and* s3
just checked in a codeplex.resourceful update with an api for the sql server data services rest api, including the new blob support
npr has an api! API Overview : Tech Center : take the time to (re)listen to the live programs on 2001-9-11, interesting on so many levels...
ssds is "actually" consistent, not "eventually" consistent. will be interesting to see how this turns out (proving amazon & google wrong)
sql server data services teched session video OakLeaf Systems: Tech*Ed 2008 IT Pro Session DAT251: Introduction to SQL Server Data Services (Video) (interesting info re: back-end starts @ 30:00)