john spurlock 2008

amazon s3 "availability event" post-mortem:AWS Service Health Dashboard - Amazon S3 Availability Event: July 20,
amazon simpledb added server-side sort last wk (finally!)Release: Amazon SimpleDB on 2008-07-17 : Release Notes : Amazon Web
good herding code podcast re: linq. good job @lazycoder - you touched on the most important and misunderstood feature: expression trees!
if i keel over today, please let microsoft know that i hate visual studio with a passion
i admit i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. however, in a sufficiently stupid shed...
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microsoft watch: s3 outage: software minus services
what is the sound of thousands typing "amazon s3 alternatives" into search boxes?
for s3, corrupt or missing data would be at least an order of magnitude worse than downtime
(i think i liked twitter better without the pictures btw)
amazon s3 us is back!
amazon s3 eu is back!
wtf is a "fleet of hosts" ?? envisioning some sort of pizza box motor pool
cloud computing = "use amazon s3", right? updated - hotlist for this
wondering if there are client-side mono apps that mac folks actually use. maybe @migueldeicaza would know
once again, amazon s3 goes down and seems unaffected. hmm...
amazon s3 is returning "http/1.1 service unavailable" at the moment for all requests (!!)AWS Developer Forums: S3 Returning Internal Error
i've never met/interviewed a developer in real life that knew about thread-local storage. never. is it that obscure?
wow, i'm embarrassed for chris anderson - don't listen to the last segment of this wk's "on the media" - it's painful
rails = r2ee
apple's walled garden - @davewiner speaks the truth (again)Apple's walled garden (Scripting News)
web developers! keep things in perspectiveUsage share of web browsers -
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for those that already know c, take a look at matz's ruby interpreterRuby
the correct answer to "should i learn c?" is yes, by the way. just in case anyone was still up in the air about this.
released spaceblock (amazon s3 front-end): formal codeplex release, added flash mime types, nirvanix fixCodePlex.SpaceBlock -
released codeplex.resourceful version 0.0.2 (.net http lib) compat with silverlight beta 2 http stackCodePlex.Resourceful -
got a chance to play around with iphone 3g this morning - color me unimpressed. will probably wait for the next 3g rimm device. updated - top artists/songs this