john spurlock 2008

dah - another 10 bucks down the drain for a marginally useful mac app
giving sh*t away is not a business strategy (shh, let them give it away if they want to...)Giving Sh*t Away is not a Business Strategy - Dare Obasanjo's
steve, copy & paste will not undermine the itunes business model - add it already
gah - gmail's spam filter is getting worse or the spammers are getting better
the software behind the mars phoenix lander (talk about waterfall...)The Software Behind the Mars Phoenix Lander - O'Reilly
reason #103 why atom > rss: link rel="self"
puppet sounds interesting (especially in combination with ec2) via @windley
my "s3" summize feed finds 2-3 ppl per day that figure out twitter stores profile pics on s3. dudes, they've been up there forever - not new
tumblr photo
ooh - ssds (sql server data services) update in a few weeks. blob support and etag/head/conditional headers
i love how the 'about us' page runs 21 separate 'select * from users' queries... - Summize Search Resources and
twitter's not using rails eh? : )
what am i doing? analysing your sql
updated for the week. coldplay vivalavida near the top - oh the
free comcast upstream upgrade today! ppl like to complain about comcast, but i've never had a problem with
http 418 i'm a teapotList of HTTP status codes -
senduit | Share drop-dead file sharing (using s3 and expiring links)
wondering how often http pipelining is used in the wild. guessing not that often. firefox has it turned off by default.
so i'm seriously considering writing an http server. good god. updated for this week. looks like woxy is digging deeper into the notwist & my morning jacket albums
it's official - astoria uses overloaded post to support silverlight 2's restricted client-side http stack.
site update done - now showing "modern in 2004" layout in vista and firefox os x - a few minor bugs remain...john spurlock :
shock - site still looks ok in ff3, but needs tweaks for ie7. (ff3 is seriously fast btw, i've not used the betas)
"type mismatch: cannot convert from object to object" ah yes - java erasurified generics. .net folks have no idea how good they have it.
tweaking for the first time in three years - let's see how this goes.
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describe rest web services with wsdl 2.0 (not a joke)Describe REST Web services with WSDL
pinvoke interop assistant (looks like a time-saver)
wireshark: right click -> follow tcp stream. awesome.