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My log4j hate has unexpectedly paid off today. Slf4j and java.util.logging for open source, custom logging for internal apps!
“Just hearing about immigration pushed the undecided women toward Romney. The same in reverse with shipping jobs overseas. The issue itself pushed the women toward Obama. The lesson the Obama team took from that was simple: Don’t talk about immigration.”Opinion | David Shor Is Telling Democrats What They Don’t Want to Hear - The New York
Into my 40s before I found my true spirit animaltwitter photo
“Dubbed Dex (after “Rolodex”), the tool is attached to NPR’s CMS. It tracks race and ethnicity, gender identity, geographic location and age range information for each story so that journalists can later pull up reports to monitor their source diversity.”New tool allows NPR to track source diversity in real time –
Unbelievable skyline diffusers in this studio room.

“We'll never do this again”Where legends make records: Blackbird Studio Tour with John McBride Nashville, TN -
Not trying to be snarky - but I didn't have time to follow the @awscloud re:Invent event this year, and looking at this summary, there is not a single thing on there that interests me (other than free egress expansion announced before the event)

Zero 🀯sawscon-onepager/ at master · zoph-io/awscon-onepager ·
“What happens if YouTube becomes a podcast host... with RSS feeds...” – @GeekNewsWhat happens if YouTube becomes a podcast host... with RSS
A Looney Tunes... Podcast?twitter photo
πŸ‘€Welcome to Fleet! | JetBrains
“Everyone was proud of being unvaccinated, and almost everyone told me without me asking. They wanted me to know, much as someone wants you to know they are a Packers fan, or an Ohio State fan.” – @Chris_arnadeAmong the Unvaccinated - by Chris Arnade - Intellectual
“In a multi-cloud world, how can we make sure on a service by service basis, you actually are having real competition over time? Enabling more competition is going to make the cloud better for everyone.” – @eastdakota (on @QuinnyPig's podcast)Clip Cutting Cloud Costs at Cloudflare with Matthew
“With a gentleman, a gentleman and a half, and with a pirate, a pirate and a half.”
it’s not a website, it’s a “digital operation”
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 2,

Looking forward to many more of these "x-in-a-worker" demos once the script size limits are
Working on a client implementation of a new open-standards (#ActivityPub) proposal for podcast comments (podcast-namespace/ at main · Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace ·

Works great with @joinmastodon, but hitting a brick wall with #Pleroma, they don't seem to implement "replies", which is kind of crucial for this...twitter photo
Browsers becoming wallets. For Brave it fits if you squint. Not sure I'm a fan of @Microsoft baking BNPL directly in Edge, though - seems like a layering
I mean this is great - but "full-stack" as marketing term needs to dieCloudflare Pages Goes Full
i love that postgres was cool 20 yrs ago and also cool today
So today we found out why environmentName is a core dimension in the @Cloudflare GraphQL Analytics API...

Worker services and environments!Introducing Services: Build Composable, Distributed Applications on Cloudflare
“People develop really close relationships with podcasts,” said @evelyndouek, a senior research fellow at Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute. “It’s a parasocial medium. There’s something about voice that humans really relate to.”Covid-19 Misinformation Goes Unchecked on Radio and Podcasts - The New York
“When something external diverts our focus, it takes us 25 min & 26 sec to get back to our original task. Research shows that the interval between people’s heart beats becomes more regular when they’re interrupted, a sign they’re in fight-or-flight mode.”Ping. Ding. Chirp. Notifications Are Driving Us Crazy. -
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈDurable Objects — now Generally
“you just need to find someone with borgmon readability” omg
“There was no artistry, no dynamics, no personality to the album. Instead, Smith and Orzabel did something they hadn’t done since there were teens: They sat in a room, acoustic guitars in hand, and started making music.”Tears for Fears on 'The Tipping Point,' Their First LP in 17 Years - Rolling
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I can see
See the signs
I've been waiting here for you
But nothing's getting throughGod Lives Underwater - No More Love -
Once again, @wasabi_cloud is having issues, and nothing on the @wasabi_status account or Wasabi Technologies Inc

I guess you get what you pay for