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🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩WindowManager.LayoutParams  |  Android photo
Oh cool, Convopage seems to be working againConvopage : @stevesi : Apple Event Monday!! By (no) coincidence next week is also the 30th Anniversary of Mac PowerBook launch at Comdex Las Vegas (last one in October and my first one!) πŸš€ PowerBook *redefined* portables. It also solidified the Apple design group. What a story of innovationπŸ’‘ 1/
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Wow, they're gonna drill a hole, following the DNT down through Frisco all the way to the Dallas county line. Just to make sure we share a congressional district with the folks on the Oklahoma border. So nice of
“We’re gonna ship a MVP and iterate on feedback”
“Any association to IP of information like SNI or HTTP host in higher-layer protocols is a clear violation of the layering principle.”Unbuckling the narrow waist of IP: Addressing Agility for Names and Web
Just posted a ranking of which podcasts use which 3rd-party analytics services, ordered by the number of new episodes published in September.

Some episodes use five trackers!

(thanks to @PodcastindexOrg for data signals & @JamesCridland for patterns)Podcast Tracker Rankings by Episode Share (Sept 2021)
From the launch of Silverlight till sometime earlier this year, I owned a public S3 bucket named clientaccesspolicy.xml in us-east-1

Bucket logging enabled

Someday I will write a blog post : )
Just posted a ranking of where recent podcasts are hosted, ordered by the number of new episodes published.

Amazing to see the diversity of options available for hosting a show.

(thanks to @PodcastindexOrg for data signals & @JamesCridland for patterns)Podcast Host Rankings by Episode Share (Sept 2021)
Or, if you bought it when I bought it, 727% 🌀😎
Demographic winter watchDeaths Exceeded Births in a Record Number of States in 2020 | Carsey School of Public Policy | UNHcarsey.unh.edutwitter photo
My former entErPrise ArcHIteCt self knows that
1. Customers are gonna love the sound of this (I do!)
2. Internal aws service teams are hating
“Once derided as "Chicken Noodle News," CNN generates profits, humbles corporate suitors and inspires overwrought trade publication analyses that attest to rapid legitimacy” (1990)CNN IS NO LONGER 'CHICKEN NOODLE NEWS' CABLE NEWS NETWORK HAS PROVEN TO BE A PROFITABLE STROKE OF GENIUS - Orlando
Cool, my little iOS 15 app privacy report tool was mentioned on Back to Work #548 with @hotdogsladies and @danbenjamin5by5 | Back to Work #548: The Results of This

Thought it was only going to be useful for the betas, but Apple won't have their own UI for it until iOS
Nailed it πŸŽπŸ€–

@Cloudflare firing on all cylinders, understand that customers will be tempted by a single-vendor solution as long as they bring alien technology _and_ a radical change in pricing.

Haven't been this excited since the early AWS daysAnnouncing Cloudflare R2 Storage: Rapid and Reliable Object Storage, minus the egress