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👀Apple steps up effort to build Google search
“It’s not that the streamers had superior programming, they had superior technology.”Big media companies reorganize for world of 50 million TV
“One person, one Bot Farm”
Looks like it's finally Infrastructure Week

$NETtwitter photo
“data furnisher”
Def (my own cloud/local resource declaration language)
Hard to miss the implication that in 2020, using HTTP/1.x means you are likely a bot.

Pour one out for plain-text webtwitter.comtwitter photo
“He kinda skews crazy”
!!! From the @Cloudflare durable objects announcementWorkers Durable Objects Beta: A New Approach to Stateful Serverlessblog.cloudflare.comtwitter photo
❗️❗️❗️Introducing Cron Triggers for Cloudflare
Expect the wonderful adjective 'attritable' to follow the well-trodden path from military terminology to corporate speakArea 51 Has A Huge New Hangar Facility That Points To A Drone Swarm
“I think of it like an overture to the 21st century. Like in an opera, it tells you what’s coming. So much hadn’t happened yet in October of 2000”How Radiohead Predicted Our Tumultuous Times 20 Years Ago -
Amy Coney Barrett - Google
"New 52 Week High Today"
"New 52 Week Low Today"twitter photo
“Illicit Concept Changes” was an inflection point for the band - an album that received both critical and commercial
"ARM Macs" -> "Nvidia Macs"Nvidia to buy Arm Holdings from SoftBank for $40
Google Finally sends customers to
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,
The designer of these graphics should be sentenced to live in New Jersey for this felony chartcrimePeople Move From New York, New Jersey to Florida, Texas as Covid Boosts Mobility - Bloombergbloomberg.comtwitter photo
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,
I'm getting strong @TheWarOnDrugs vibes from the new Killers.The Killers' 'Imploding the Mirage': Album Review -
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,
“I don’t benefit from saying any of this. I love NYC. I was born there. I’ve lived there forever. I STILL live there. I love everything about NYC. I want 2019 back.

But this time is different.

One reason: Bandwidth.”NYC Is Dead Forever... Here's Why - James
On the occasion of this great piece by @Steve_Yegge, I'll note that Amazon's SimpleDB, launched in December 2007, superseded by several subsequent AWS data services, is still running and working well in 2020.Amazon SimpleDB - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.orgDear Google Cloud: Your Deprecation Policy is Killing You | by Steve Yegge | Aug, 2020 |
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