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“Never use a dependency that you could replace with an afternoon of programming.” – @carlmjohnson

Good way to conceptualize it. Anything less than a week, actually : )Tripping over the potholes in too many libraries · The Ethically-Trained
Google FinallyAndroid 11 will no longer show album art on the locksceen -
I thought for sure I had dreamt this. Nope, this was in the actual hearing, in real life.twitter photo
“These documents build a far better antitrust case against the four tech giants than anything the CEOs said during the hearing.”Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google internal emails released by
Whoa ⌚️ 2x 🖥
“there are a finite number of different social mechanics to invent... what we're really buying is time” 👀
“Tomorrow we’ll announce a new Workers option that allows you to run much more complicated computer workloads following the same pricing model that other serverless providers use, but at much more compelling rates.” 👀👀👀The Edge Computing Opportunity: It’s Not What You
And that's why in an alternate universe Google created those fantastic killer apps that everyone used insteadInternal Google Program Taps Data on Rival Android Apps — The
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,
Interesting changes to WidgetKit API in ios 14 dev beta 3:

placeHolder is now a separate TimelineProvider protocol method...twitter photo
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,
“Hey, no matter what happened, we got a new Hum record this year - everything is a wash after that.”
“It’s funny that both Google and Apple are enforcing every once in a while that they love the Web. They need to tell us that. Maybe it’s because some of us sometimes think that might not be the case always.”Think lazy.. Two weeks ago, I published a tweet… | by Maximiliano Firtman | Jul, 2020 |
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,539.01twitter.comtwitter photo
“Google makes a lot of software with terrible user experiences for users who have poor taste”
Wonderful online font glyph inspector 😍😍😍CharMap - Powered by OpenType.jsmathew-kurian.github.iotwitter photo
“fingerprintability”Apple declined to implement 16 Web APIs in Safari due to privacy concerns |
👍👍👍Hum 'Inlet' Review: A Triumphant Space-Rock Reunion Album -
"Hitch" > "Jank"
Now _this_ is compact UI #wwdc20twitter photo
“she's an ex-writer”
The "WidgetBackground" asset is read by actool to merge NSWidgetBackgroundColorName into your widget extension's info.plist

Apple Developer

Unfortunately, it seems to have absolutely no runtime effect in iOS 14 beta 1. #WWDC20
“Demand for rechargeable batteries will decline for the first time this year”The Electric Car Battery Boom Has Screeched To A Halt, For
New Launch Screen config as an alternative to storyboards - get rid of that last storyboard in a SwiftUI app! #wwdc20twitter photo
iOS 14 Honeycomb #wwdc2020 WIDGETS 💯
Hehe, one of my predictions from the mid 2000s is almost here.

The data we provide is not fairly priced at $0, we used to think we were getting a good deal (Free!) - but the Bid price is actually > 0 for most users.

We're just missing a mechanism/platform on which to sell
Turns out there's a Nast cartoon for everything... @dhhtwitter photo
👍👍👍Doves - Carousels - YouTubeyoutube.comDoves return with first single in 11 years, 'Carousels':"It's a mission statement" |
Wow this site is such a good idea. 👏👏👏 Track hive-mind of the robinhooders against the recent weird market runup.Robintrackrobintrack.nettwitter photo