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"Some people need a long weekend, or a vacation. What energizes me even more than a vacation, though, is a compliment. If someone I respect tells me “nice job,” I feel like I’ve spent a summer in the Alps." –@JessicaLexicusCan You Enjoy Work Too Much? – Member Feature Stories –
"I sold my users’ privacy to a larger benefit. I made a choice and a compromise. And I live with that every day."Exclusive: WhatsApp Cofounder Brian Acton Gives The Inside Story On #DeleteFacebook And Why He Left $850 Million
"In my hunt for old G1/HTC Dream related images, I discovered something I hadn't anticipated: No one is making an effort to maintain or preserve Android's history." ‒@RyneHagerUsing the HTC G1, 10 years later: 2008's smartphone is effectively a dumbphone in
The Deliberate Awfulness of Social Media | The New Yorkernewyorker.comtwitter photo
The inexorable March of Font ProgressTimes Newer
Google's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by well-meaning but clueless product managementStephen Hall on Twitter:"As usual, the valid concerns regarding Google not being transparent and a slippery slope into eroding users' privacy have been conflated with a false"Google's an evil company tracking everything I do!" narrative"
"wolfy group of guys"
👏👏👏Google working on dark mode support for Chrome in macOS Mojave -
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"anger is not an agenda"
Software might be eating the world, but it's not necessarily tasting ittwitter photo
Very well done — absolutely nails the current southern ohio aestheticFRONTLINE on Twitter:""Left Behind America" chronicles the lives and struggles of Dayton, Ohio’s working poor as they chase the American dream in the new American economy. WATCH: …"
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select joke_content from dallas_jokes order by snark_level desc limit 1Mark Cuban on Twitter:"We are becoming a nation of conformists."
4563 days of being a very happy customer of #AmazonS3 😍😍😍twitter photo
"Conventional wisdom holds that rural, white, less-than-affluent voters vote Republican, & yet in both 2008 and 2012, Barack Obama won every such county in northern New England save one, and most of those in Wisconsin, NE Iowa, & North NY." — @WoodardColinWelcome (Back) to the Divided States of America – Balkanized America –
"The principles of competition, even when they encourage talent and create upward mobility, don’t necessarily answer deeper questions about national identity, or satisfy the human desire to belong to a moral community." – @anneapplebaumPolarization in Poland: A Warning From Europe - The
If you're interested in Twitter, well worth a listen to this @jack interview with @CKlostermanPeter Kafka on Twitter:"Twitter’s @jack Dorsey in conversation with @jayrosen_nyu. Bonus Recode Media ep here: words here:"
Just had a terrible vision: an email inbox that also includes "emails liked by others in your network"

Then I realized: mailing list notifications are basically that
An Podcasts irl billboard sighting!twitter photo
“It's Corp. Governance 101 — You’ve been invited to speak in front of a Senate hearing to protect our democracy, and your response is, ‘We’re too important to go’? The whole world is looking at them: ‘What the hell is wrong with you people? Who are you?’ ”Terms of Service
Looks like I'll be watching at least one more TGIF
"dominican republican"
"But Google's AI is doing it all wrong. It's trying to be "smart" – it's trying to be helpful – and most of the time Alexa isn't. It tries not to help. It STFUs. To the amazement of nobody except AI evangelists, and Google, people seem to prefer this."I've seen the future of consumer AI, and it doesn't have one • The
"network neighborhood"
"self-driving data center"
"conspicuous contribution"Notes to myself on software engineering – François Chollet –
“It takes time to crush men who are pursuing legitimate trade. But one of Mr. Rockefeller’s most impressive characteristics is patience. He was like a general who views from a balloon the whole great field”

When Ms. Khan read that she thought: Jeff Bezos.Amazon’s Antitrust Antagonist Has a Breakthrough Idea - The New York
"The best kind of content is a gift" – @steveprattcaThe Problem with Content Marketing – Pacific
Bloomberg was into dark UI patterns way before they were cool 🖥️🖥️🖥️Andy Polaine on Twitter:"Hey ⁦@Bloomberg⁩ I’ve no idea if this is an intentional dark UI pattern or not, but it’s impossible to tell whether this switch is set to Opt Out or In…"