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"I can’t tell who believes themselves and who is just acting, because everyone participates."Working at Google seemed like a dream job. The reality has been a tedious, pointless nightmare. - The Washington
Retro-futurist!Surprise: The Google Pixel 2 has a hidden menu button on its navigation
"Reversion History" indeed...[Notice] [Security Flaws] Severe flaws called"KRACK" are discovered in the WPA2
Amazing photo of neighborhood post-wildfire, fromCalifornia Today: Reporting on Wildfires Felt ‘Like a Country at War’ - The New York Timesnytimes.comtwitter photo
"The future spreads like cold butter."Design in the Age of Anxiety – Mule Design Studio –
"Facebook might prefer to ignore Twitter, but it can't afford to do so."Facebook Executives Find A New Crisis Communications Tool:
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,011.00John Spurlock on Twitter:"New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,009.35"
Informational conversation re: impeachment with @CassSunstein on @SamHarrisOrg - preview ofRobot — Defending the Republic - Waking Up with Sam
"choice architecture"
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,009.35John Spurlock on Twitter:"New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,007.87"
"We stay away from creating new icons."Greg Bensinger on Twitter:"Amazon's peculiar ways"
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,007.87John Spurlock on Twitter:"New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,005.65"
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 1,005.65
"computational propaganda"
"weaponized narratives"
"cognitive gated communities"
"you'll need your own AI bodyguard"The MADCOM
"As a result, the path to profit is to manufacture attention more cheaply than what you get paid for it."Words still matter – 3 min
"Project Chirp" perhaps a bit too on the nose, in retrospect.Google is nerfing all Home Minis because mine spied on everything I said 24/7 [Update]
"Maybe we need to slow down a little and explain the whole world"Trump Wanted Tenfold Increase in Nuclear Arsenal, Surprising Military - NBC
"In the last year, Google has paid Apple & others $7.2 billion, more than three times the comparable cost in 2012."Google's $19 Billion Black Box Is Worrying Investors -
"In tiny communities like Kenton, in 2013, more people died than were born—the first time that’s happened."Rural America Is the New ‘Inner City’ -
"Among 14,000+ contenders there must be some that are great"iA Writer for Android Oreo –
"The original Pixel was renowned for awful Bluetooth performance, it's concerning that v2 lacks a headphone jack."Google Pixel 2 XL vs. LG V30: The perfect pair for right now | Android
"2016 - the year of web streams"

(Ron Howard voice): "It wasn't."2016 - the year of web streams -
"Former design ethicist at Google"John Spurlock on Twitter:""Google’s Design Ethicist" 🙄🙄🙄"
"His story-telling abilities are so compelling that he has seduced a generation of college-educated readers."Guns Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond: Against
"Instead, I found the most hope in more narrowly tailored interventions."I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise. - The Washington
It's kind of sad to read some of these comments. Not your standard snarkers/trolls, but disenfranchised fans.Convopage on Twitter:"It's official, Windows Phone is dead – by @joebelfiore, includes many sad comments by loyal users"
"pecuniary embarrassment"
As much as I hate the in-seat embedded displays, I would /love/ a real-time cockpit view like this on every flight.Sandeep Varma on Twitter:"This is what the pilot sees and the passengers do not see
During landing at Queenstown New Zealand Airport"