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"There is only one Olive Garden, but it has a thousand doors."Dear Olive Garden, Never Change -
"severe myopia"Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled White Nationalism Into The
"Startups also create jobs. Not just many of them, or even most of them. I mean, all of them!"How To Destroy Our
"There about a dozen employees who work on the CompuServe brand today. "Now a shadow of its former self, CompuServe blazed trails online - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus,
Interesting home wifi activity report by @geteero

(Design makes resized images hard to read, open them in new tabs)eero data report | connected device patterns - eero
"They’re drinking water. We’re going to give it to them in a bottle."Katzenberg’s Big Ask: $2 Billion for Short-Form Video Project - The New York
Best argument against universal basic income: more people able to fap like this as a daily occupation. Currently limited to a precious few.Dropbox Design on Twitter:"Announcing the biggest change to the Dropbox brand in our 10-year history 🎈"
"Technophobia isn’t soothing ointment, it’s pushing some guy you don’t like off a cliff, hoping to magically heal."Plato Would Have Wanted You to Unplug –
😍theBreeders on Twitter:"We are pleased to announce the release of our new single, ‘Wait in the Car’, out now on 4AD (@4AD_Official):"
Today I learned: chrome://site-engagement
The emperor has no notch.Apple is really bad at design | The
Google Assistant finally arrives on @nvidiashield. Immediately recommends the classic face-powder epic "Rouge One"twitter photo
And now in one insane imageThe insane news cycle of Trump's presidency in 1 chart - Axiosaxios.comtwitter photo
"Cloud-native nears mass extinction, produced by the meteor-like arrival of a production-ready decentralized web."Outgrowing Our Internet: Caught Between the Intranet and the Decentralized
"The previous worst performance was back when the iPhone 5s and 5c were released"Apple stock suffers worst product launch week of the iPhone era -
"Apple's new HQ sure looks like peak ... something."The Numbers Show Silicon Valley Is Already Fading -
"we'll be relanding this feature today" 🙄
Apple TV 4K*4K iTunes Content Limited to Streaming Only, No Downloads - Mac
Floating action buttons are so embarrassing. Awaiting a quick demise, and congressional investigation.Android Messages v2.5 removes the FAB for new conversations, prepares to launch video calls, read QR codes, and exchange money [APK Teardown]
It's pronounced "JDK X"Joseph Darcy on Twitter:"Consolidated #JDK 10 repos now open for pushes:
Happy hacking."
Love this ideaA new kind of map: it’s about time – Points of
"Sir, is your device wifi off?"
"That's a good question, really... Do you mean 'off' in the platonic sense? It's tending towards 'off'..."The Guardian on Twitter:"iOS 11: toggling wifi and Bluetooth in Control Centre doesn't actually turn them off"
"I really like to write software. That would be the conclusion."Scripting News: Thursday, September 21,
twitter photo
To be fair, it's called "Play Protect"Google's Play Protect didn't catch obfuscated malware with up to 20 million installs on the Play
"Embrace the notch"twitter photo
Cou-rageJohn Spurlock on Twitter:"@marco_org"
"There is a 1 minute minimum charge per-instance." 😐New – Per-Second Billing for EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes | AWS
"simple assault"Here's What You Need To Know About Juggalos And Insane Clown Posse :