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"Producing commits"
Sell all of your Google stock!Report: Google wanted to buy Snap for $30 billion last year w/ offer still ‘on the table’ |
Sell all of your Twitter stock!Anthony Noto executive profile: Twitter COO's push into video - Business
Same. Eventual consistency not a quality you want in, say, the key to your front door.Ben Whaley on Twitter:"Eventually consistent IAM role permissions make me want to throw my laptop in to the river."
"people don't /want/ to know. it takes too long."
paging @internetofsaltGoddamn it, they made a “smart” salt shaker called Smalt · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V.
Ad employernem
"the right people will get it"
Some @Medium posts now have @AMPhtml versions! Didn't see any formal announcement of this... e.g.Charlie Munger: The Power Of Not Making Stupid
Peradventure indeedAlexios on Twitter:"@mathewi A relevant Edgar Allan Poe quote I was exposed to recently"
Can confirm, good guy @awscloudAWS warns users about open S3 buckets - Security -
"It's clear that the Comey revelation had a deep, deep effect on these 'Double Haters' - not to support Trump, but to vote against Hillary."Fresh Air on Twitter:"Inside The 'Shakespearean Irony' Of Trump And Bannon's Relationship @JoshuaGreen"
Good @EconTalker on reading w/ @Doug_Lemov.

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• "Level text"
• "Gist reading"
• Lexile measureDoug Lemov on Reading | EconTalk | Library of Economics and
"a Facebook emission"Implementing
"Why does every design choice for Fuchsia seem specifically designed for and targeted at solving Android's core problems?"OSNews on Twitter:"* Android is a dead end *"
Countless hours crafting the editing experience, and like 20 seconds of thought on this. Would have expected more from @ev and @Medium here.twitter photo
Next summer: releasing 20 million GMO'ed AngularJS engineersAlphabet’s Verily releasing 20 million mosquitos this summer to counter disease-carrying insects |
"The system theme will use some darker colors"

Nowhere to go but darkerNew round of Pixel 2 leaks points to display profiles, always-on display, and
HTTP/1.1 413 Request Body Too Largetwitter photo
"It did not specify whether hoodies or sneakers, the ad-hoc uniform of tech workers, constitute acceptable dress" 😬Goldman Sachs relaxes dress code for techs in fight for talent |
"Wariness toward homegrown cognitive elites now parallels suspicion of foreign-born entrepreneurs" – @EdsallThe Closing of the Republican Mind - The New York
Fargo season 3ಠ_ಠ on Twitter:"my dude, slow ur roll"
"Asked about the Russia investigation, they stared back blankly. 'I have never heard anything about it,' said Chastity Banks."David Frum on Twitter:"You don’t lose elections because you lose your base."
"html email development"
No /you're/ lovin' itNo, poor people don't eat the most fast food -
"Unsurprisingly, people walked more in places where it was easier to walk."Do you live in the world's laziest country? - BBC
"Expect to hear the colorful term 'unicorpse' — that's a dead startup unicorn — much more in 2017." – @ShiraOvideSilicon Valley's Overstuffed Startups Risk Messy Blowout -