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"Also let me know if you have a draft on surveillance! =)"

Paying Professors: Inside Google’s Academic Influence Campaign -
"mental vertigo"Alternative facts are Nietzschean – Tom X Hart –
💪💪💪Drinking more coffee can lead to a longer life, new studies say -
"work-vacation"Andreas Klinger ✌️ on Twitter:"Is there a hotel search site for hotels w/ (co)working space and guaranteed ⚡️ wifi?
Essentially looking for ideal"work-vacation" places."
"Apple watcher and developer John Gruber"

"Apple watcher" = one who still wears apple watch?twitter photo
"The best views will be 'way out in the boonies.' And people are coming."How Eclipse Chasers Are Putting a Small Kentucky Town on the Map | Mental
hey google, what's the market share for this thing?What Apple’s HomePod Is Up Against — The Informationtheinformation.comtwitter photo
"Alexa told me there was no pudding room. I was disappointed by the lack of a pudding room too."Subscribe to
"conflict antiquities"
"You'll need a very strong blender to mix the Washington community w/ the Trump crowd, will not end up a smoothie"‘It’s the End of Small Talk in Washington’ - POLITICO
"While public intellectuals traffic in complexity & criticism, thought leaders burst with the evangelist’s desire"The Rise of the Thought Leader | New
Your first conservative web app
Legitimately inspiring to watch this @planetlabs pieceThe All-Seeing Eye in the Sky -
"5. No tweet has ever persuaded anyone of anything."Twenty Theses about Twitter | ERIC
"The opioid epidemic has disrupted so many families that all the foster homes in Ashtabula County are full."Children of the Opioid Epidemic Are Flooding Foster Homes. America Is Turning a Blind Eye. – Mother
"What grows in this segment is the need to be convinced consumers that Siri will be better."Digital Assistants’ Adoption: a Marathon not a Sprint! – Tech.pinions – Perspective, Insight, Analysistechpinions.comtwitter photo
So websites are 'launched' and music is 'dropped' nowKesha Drops Emotional New Ballad ‘Praying’ — Listen – Hollywood
"retro-synergize"Software Defined Talk Episode 97: The novel strategy of making money, and investing to do so - Amazon + Whole
"you know, a short little deep-dive"
"why not have a little fun in your 20s and work in your 80s?"Young American men can find work but prefer to play video games -
Removing the need for the fingerprint scanner 👍Apple Tests 3-D Face Scanning to Unlock Next iPhone -
"The fuse is lit, we’re just running around mapping where all the bombs are."Antarctica Is Melting, and Giant Ice Cracks Are Just the
"We’re missing the mark with a big and important lesson here. The issue at play comes down to power dynamics."Why Silicon Valley has “Open Secrets” and What We can Do About
"When you e-mail Jackie, you notice your heart rate spike on the Apple Watch. Better not e-mail her anymore."You Are Now Fully Optimized – The Bold
"incredulity fatigue"
"disguised as ransomware"
2017 and "google play" still cringe-inducing[What year is it?!] Google is ending support for the Android Market on Android 2.1 and
"minimum viable podcast"
Bigger headline: more than half don't!Nearly Half of Broadband Consumers Subscribe to a Video OTT Service: Study |
"the dems"