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"Reality seems to have weakened as a constraint in politics" - @jayrosen_nyuPeter Kafka on Twitter:"If you want to get to the part where we praise @Fahrenthold, you can just skip to the end."
"we would like to levelize that playing field"
I'm more of an AI Winter person
"We have one agenda: help people get smarter, faster." –
The problem with #amphtml: it has no incentive to be an elegant solution. Adoption is mandatory for google juice.The Problem with AMP | Hacker
nice work bizarro john spurlock!MANIFEST International Drawing Annual 10manifestgallery.orgtwitter photo
"he says what most people are thinking" + "he speaks in word salad" = "most people are thinking in word salad"
"Amazon to secure a downtown location for hundreds of employees within Q1, and open the new offices by year’s end."Amazon in hunt for Boston offices - The Boston
Also includes built-in loudspeaker alerting anyone within earshot to keep a safe distance.Stanford team creates battery w/ built-in fire extinguisher to avoid future Note 7-like disasters |
Great ideaMoneyAlarm™ 2 - Alarm that fine if you oversleep by Thilina
"Nobody is happy with this, and it’s time to try something new." – @SeanBlanda

The Business Model is The Message 🏭Medium, and The Reason You Can’t Stand the News
"Rogue One does highlight the problem of starting production with a release date, rather than an excellent story."Rogue One's reshoots show how Disney saved the first standalone Star Wars movie - The
"We would like to sincerely thank XXX to acknowledge their contributions to this work."HTTP Archive (HAR)
Testing twitter card metadatajohn spurlock 2015 : tumblr post
"Alexa, kill the fruit fly!"
"The following heat map shows the thumb zones applied to every iPhone display size since 2007" – @101babichMobile Design Best Practices – UX Planetuxplanet.orgtwitter photo
"So the (pending) Bernstein monoculture isn't necessarily a vote for Dan, it's more a vote against everything else"On the Impending Crypto Monoculture []
Voice UIs = Open-Your-Trunk-With-Your-Foot

Quite handy in an extremely limited context, not a new wave of anything.

Feature, not platformBenedict Evans on Twitter:"If you think voice UIs are the future, verbally describe, aloud, everything you see and touch on your phone today." was not yet shut is shutting down |
"Exposure to content cannot make up for self-segregation." – @zephoriaWhy America is Self-Segregating – Data & Society:
"President Obama reacts as his putt falls just short"Behind the Lens: 2016 Year in Photographs – The White House – Mediummedium.comtwitter photo
"From 1909, Kahn’s team visited 50 countries to collect 72,000 photographs, among the first color images ever made"Photos: Some of the earliest color images of life around the
"Personality is important - but there are some on tv who might not be very good in positions of political trust!"Aldous Huxley on Technodictators -
In brief, it's Twitter's fault.The Cure for Sidewalk Rage Is
if let _ = @clattner_llvm as? TeslaEmployee {
}Tesla taps Apple engineer for Autopilot
"A car you just tell to go home and forget = Google wins. A car you need to drive, but in new ways = Apple wins."Cars as feature-phones — Benedict
"A well-executed appropriate joke makes you seem more confident, more competent, and higher status"Research: Cracking a Joke at Work Can Make You Seem More
"The bad news for unhappy open-office dwellers: the concept isn’t going away any time soon." – @BBC_CapitalBBC - Capital - Why open offices are bad for
I would roll my eyes at @SamsungUS, but they would not understand ittwitter photo
"essentially simultaneously"