john spurlock 2016

"pubmedia peeps"
"the protesters used flaming trump t-shirts"
"the thrilling lives of plants"
wait, google called their thing "IAM" too? come onCloud IAM - Identity & Access Management  |  Google Cloud
"hmm," said possible acquirers.Here’s Why Twitter Inc. (TWTR) Stock Is Down 81% From Its High Despite Three Product
your search "tizen is the future" returned no resultsArs Technica on Twitter:"Samsung is done with Android Wear watches, says Tizen is the future by @RonAmadeo"
"no thank you money"
"self-loathing millennials"
"Uber has also found people are more likely to pay for surge pricing if their cell phone is almost out of battery."Keith Chen Is Uber's Head Of Economics And Decides When Uber Surges Price :
oh! @amazonecho is like bash without bash history. hard to scale past cute demo level
o brotherMotorola Leak Inadvertently Hints At Android N Successor ‘Android O’
"'More wood behind fewer arrows,' he declared. Fast-forward five years, and there still seem to be so many arrows."Bloomberg Gadfly on Twitter:"Shira Ovide: Google applies chaos theory to R&D with surprising success"
what a great/strange talk b/t @realdanlyons and @cdibona at #io16

e.g. lampooning "culture fit" at a google conf 💯Dan Lyons (Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-up Bubble) in conversation with Chris DiBona - Google I/O
future of the web according to google: dialog box on initial load

"A new version of this app is available. REFRESH"twitter photo
“Shocking! So we didn’t have to talk to Microsoft to make Office work at all, or have them do anything additional.”Google Play is coming to Chrome OS in September | VentureBeat | Dev | by Emil
designed in california, made and sold in chinaWe finally know how many iPhone owners there are in China (AAPL) —
"I felt I was watching a Microsoft conference from 2003, they showed derivative product after derivative product"Quick impressions of Google’s keynote at I/O: – Josh Elman –
"Unity CEO says he thinks VR will be about much more, like traveling around the body in the 1987 movie Innerspace."Google will compete with its partners and sell its own Daydream virtual reality headsets -
google's "allo" app has the package name "fireball"

as in: google's messaging story has been a dumpster fire, ballGoogle Allo - Android Apps on Google
"This function is also called Daydream."

whoa, I already have #android #daydream on my phone! #io16twitter photo
eagerly awaiting the inevitable "Resolve Constraint Layout Issues" menu in Android Studio #io16
heh, "daydream"
"Only the United States could find a way to create sprawl with a thousand people."Shuffleboard At McMurdo (Idle Words)
make america the beer great again
♫ "truth will mess you up / truth will mess you up"Ful Stop -
"We take these reports extremely seriously" - guy in a green hoodie, vp of
"web brutalism"K.M. Arcement on Twitter:"Brutalist websites have become the hottest trend in web design. My latest for WaPo:"
"an update on the ted cruz campaign"
this makes the most