john spurlock 2014

"biologists have a special word for a stable state: dead"
"i still like turning pages and stuff"
"we're not overbuilt, we're underdemolished"
"It's TV with buffering."
"answer-getting strategies"
"we don't travel for business"
"♫ guns in the summertime, drink a cherry cola lime"
"you put a royal within a hundred yards of the average american and they're trying to curtsey"
"ok but we just... we just put it out there, and then something will arrive that backs it up, right? that's just... that's journalism 101"
"that sounded suboptimal"
"nonprofit journalism, by which i mean nonprofit on purpose..."
web headline: "What Does the Recent Tech Stock Downturn Mean? The Truth Is Nobody Knows." what is 'do not click me', alex?
"a lot of their self worth are tied up in those stocks"
"i know you don't want to shake my hand, so we'll just skip that part."
"we will simultaneously unship the prefixed implementation of shadow dom." #unship
"history teaches us nothing except that something will happen"
"maybe we should think of Google as General Internet"
"The world has arrived at an age of cheap complex devices of great reliability; and something is bound to come of it"As We may Think - Section
"visual source shredder"
"in the future, there's a credit score for everything"
"the world must be made safe for democracy"
quick! enterprise license agreements available for a limited time:Fatberg: a modern enterprise collaboration
"♫ if i told you the truth, you wouldn't like what i said"Killian's Red By: Nada Surf -
"♫ summer is winter and you always knew"Bush - Little Things -
"a nation of icon-changers"
we're calling this thing the 'xbox 180' permanently right? it's a better name.
"if you're coasting, you're going downhill"
"♫ i used to dig picasso / i used to dig picasso"Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Driftin' Back (Official Video) -
"we'd love to welcome you into our corporate alumni network" = best modern euphemism for "you're fired"