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just received an unsolicited sql azure invite - interesting. (sql azure far less interesting imo after its recent renaming/overhaul)
the dec alpha server was quick and stable, though. possibly due to the dearth of software actually running on it...
a real wpf webbrowser via chromium - fantastic proof of conceptA Real WPF WebBrowser | Chris Cavanagh's
"paris" as internet gauge (hilton vs france)
al franken draws usa map - from memoryvia -
e.g. items.orderby(i=> seems redundant. should also support items.orderby(name) compiler can figure it out just updated (and rehauled, now databaseless) - top 50 artists/songs played on in the last
if you have any questions about the opt-out village, email a friend and google will get back to you within 24 hrsif you have any questions about the opt-out... -
nytimes worldview podcast is no more. a shame. [this was good]Podcasts - The New York
"there are two kinds of programming languages: the ones people complain about, and the ones that nobody has heard of." - bjarne stroustrup
rise of the data scientist:Rise of the Data Scientist |
tumbld: "hit the bottom and escape"“hit the bottom and escape” -
btw "death panel" would be a great band name... just updated - top 50 artists/songs played on @woxy last
these are my twisted
azure pricing makes it *far* less interesting (compute is way too high - as much as an ec2 instance per azure role!!) oh well. back to aws
"expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting a bull not to charge you because you are a vegetarian"
having fun with the editor in
tumblr photo just updated - top 50 artists + songs played on @woxy last
the end of sun - "at 10:05 a.m. pacific time today, sun microsystems' fate was sealed..."
richard feynman explains how trains stay on their
"but information can’t actually want anything, can it?"Priced to Sell - The New
socketshifter - arbitrary tcp socket relay using the azure .net service
just published - an experimental rapid deployment framework for windows azure - still early days... just updated - top 50 artists & songs played on @woxy last
33 gigs transferred and over 3 million requests last month. total cost: 9 bucks. amazon s3 = awesome
updated amazon simpledb client to support all current api operations ( main branch) usage:CodePlex.Resourceful - Source