john spurlock 2009

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nuking my rss backlog and starting over...
agora phone exposes android's achilles heel (hint, it's "too open") -Agora phone exposes Android’s Achilles Heel |
upgrade from vista -> windows 7 beta took literally 3hrs. mostly "migrating existing files" - but it finished, and looks ok just updated - top 50 artists & songs last
upgrading from vista to windows 7 beta on the macbook - let's see if this breaks the triple-boot setup...
windows 7 beta download manager is a java applet, nice updated - top 50 artist & songs this
overheard talking head: "...instead of suv's that ppl don't want. er, shouldn't want... can't want." rare moment of honesty.
mono for android!
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dah. another "qua" quote - recently overused term alert
defining an ipredicate<t> java interface. again. updated (finally!). Fixed amazon audio preview links and added "97 best of 2008" link on the main page.
yes! - A Disciplined Way To Deal With
the coldest of the cool, the lamest of the lame updated - top 50 artists/songs this wk: (amazon mp3 integration still borked)
hmm - android devs registered with the market can now purchase an unlocked g1
loving the daily background photos on it's the home page on my work machine (set long ago for entertainment value)
when steve gillmor talks about data portability he suddenly morphs into an ayn rand republican
just heard the term "classic" for the first time. i.e. web forms (vs mvc vs sl2) a++ will use again
released spaceblock - browse azure local development storageCodePlex.SpaceBlock - just updated - top 50 artists/songs this
"enqueueToast" ha (from my g1 logcat output)
spaceblock released (windows amazon s3 front-end) - initial support for the windows azure blob storage apiCodePlex.SpaceBlock -
autoforward a free hotmail/msn/live email account to any other email account without upgrading to
hmm windows azure blob storage rest api is almost function-to-function identical to amazon s3 - down to delimiter/marker/commonprefixes etc
tis the season for election result infographics - check out "voting shifts" from President Map - Election Results 2008 - The New York tells the whole story.
"who would you rather buy your cloud resources from? a company whose main business is 1. books 2. text advertisements 3. business software"
just received my "azure services" #pdc invite code. preview limits: 2000 vm hours compute (total??), 50gb total storage, 20gb/day bandwidth